Isaac making love to the camera earlier today.


  1. Earlier in the week I was walking down Lafayette and bumped into Natalie Cantell. Natalie is a New Zealander who’s been living in Sydney for a while, she’s a model and a writer and stylist and basically she’s just awesome. Anyway, Natalie has been in New York for a month and a half or so. I was surprised to see her because she was supposed to have left already. She told me she was loving it so much she’d changed her return flight to a later date. That sparked it off. I was loving it too. I wanted to change my flight. And so I did. I was supposed to be leaving tomorrow, but now I’m not coming back for another two weeks.
  2. After days and days of cold weather, the sun really came out yesterday (and today). Im talking 29 degrees (celsius) and full on sunshine. It was so balmy. People were complaining about it being humid and sweaty but they can just shut up, I love it. It’s my favourite kind of weather.
  3. I am constantly impressed by the things that are available here. You want beer? You don’t want to go outside? Well have it delivered to your house. You want any kind of food in the world? Get it delivered. 2.00am and feel like meatballs? Get them. The Meatball Shop is still open.
  4. I took some amazing pictures today but because of circumstances I cannot speak about right now, I cannot post them until a later date. But trust me, they’re good.
  5. My outfit from the other day. Those Burberry dub monks are serving me so well. No regrets about the purchase whatsoever.


  1. It got cold the other night. Real cold. And despite the fact it was warm today, I have a feeling it’s going to get much, much colder. And I’ve only got summer clothes. Two sweaters and the Harvard one that I bought that I can’t actually wear here without looking like kind of an asshole. Damn.
  2. I promised to get better at blogging but I have failed miserably. I have, however, increased my activity on my photo blog in case you were interested.
  3. Speaking of my photo blog – and anyone who has a tumblr will also relate – how weird are some of the questions you get?! YEAH. I’M TALKING TO YOU, BUDDY.
  4. I accidentally tipped the toilet lady at a bar, US$10.00. I meant to give her US$1.00. And it’s not like you can take it back once you’ve given it to them either. So awkward. And so expensive.