I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Boston Fashion Week, and considering I was only there for two days of it I didn’t get to see too much. But of what I did see, I quite liked. It’s a lot different than any other fashion week I’ve ever been to – smaller, more intimate, with a lot more ‘care’. That’s a weird thing to say but I’m not sure how else to word it. My experience with most fashion weeks is that there’s a lot of effort put into not caring, or at least looking like you don’t care. In Boston? People care. And it’s kind of nice. People turn up on time, the shows start relatively on time, there are goodie bags on every seat, people are dressed up – some are really, really, dressed up (fascinators and everything), one show I saw the designer even got flowers given to her on the runway. There was a lot of appreciation. I like that. Here’s some of what I saw:

Seats at Boston Fashion Week.

In the audience.

Emily Muller is a relatively new designer on the scene in Boston. From what I saw, she makes pretty wearable clothes for girls who love vintage with a bit of an edge – in this case, utilitarian-esque leather straps and patches of suede.

At Emily Muller.

This was my favourite piece of the collection. I would totally wear this.

The back of my favourite dress.