Me this week. (Shirt by Karen Walker, Pants made to measure by Crane Brothers, Shoes by ASOS, Bag is vintage and Sunglasses a gift from Anouk Rondel). Image/Bradley Franklin.

I was recently tagged to take part in the ’7 Links’ blogpost project, where you basically put 7 links from the archives of your blog, that fit into each category. That was a bad explanation but you’ll see what I mean below. I don’t usually take part in these things but because this is my 1000th post, I thought it might be a little bit nice. Especially for some of you new readers:
  1. Your most beautiful post: Hard to say, but I do remember this one post a long time back (I’m talking a long, long time ago) where I collaged a whole bunch of photos from the Zimmermann 2009/2010 lookbook/campaign together and it took me forever to photoshop the images together and cut them out and put drop shadows on everything. I had a job at the time and I remember thinking ‘wow, I’m actually going to get fired for this.’ 
  2. Your most popular post: I just checked my stats and I’m surprised to find my highest rating post of all time is this one I did on Barbara Palvin at the end of March in 2010. I remember Isaac bought me a magazine back from Paris and she was on the cover and I went on a huge mission to find out who she was because I thought she had an incredible face. Second highest rating post (not including the ‘About’ page on my blog), interestingly enough was last week’s post on the Twenty-seven Names presentation. Go figure!
  3. Your most controversial post: I’ve had a couple, but the most recent was probably this one on Rodd & Gunn’s ‘Face of R & G’ Competition (or lack of competition?)
  4. Your most helpful post: I don’t think anyone comes to my blog for any kind of advice, to be honest. I don’t know if I write very ‘helpful’ posts – I complain a lot and put up pictures of things I like. The only post I can think of that contains any kind of pep talk, is this one I did on times on your life that you shouldn’t wait.
  5. A post whose success surprised you: I wrote what I like to call a ‘filler post’ a couple of months ago – a post where I am at a complete loss of what to blog, but want to blog regardless so I resort to talking about crazy things about myself. It was on things I like to do when it’s cold. It’s really crazy the things people like to read.
  6. A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved: I spotted Bella Barber in Kanye’s ‘Monster’ video late one night last year and I was pretty excited. I mean, no one had noticed yet (and no one really does because only weirdos like me who have a freak knowledge of New Zealand models seem to notice these things) and I thought it was kind of a big deal and great for her so I blogged about it. The next day Isaac blogged about it and linked back to me but no one seemed to care. So sad.
  7. The post that you are most proud of: I am pretty proud of all my posts. Well, most of them. It takes me forever to put them together sometimes, and sometimes I really cannot be bothered. You have to be so self motivated to be a blogger. Especially when you’re not being paid for it. But it’s totally worth it for me. Having you guys read this thing is completely reward in itself. It’s so weird to think that people actually make the effort to even look. I can’t get over it. Over two years of my life are documented, in a way, on this little thing. I guess the posts I’m most proud of are the long ones that take me ages to write and end up being rewritten and edited a million times. I did, however, feel pretty proud of my ‘What a guy wants’ series of posts – especially the last one, ‘What a guy really really wants‘. It was fun to put together and I never expected anyone to contribute but they all did and it was amazing. Especially that last late contribution from Yimmy Yayo.

Holy smokes. A thousand posts. It’s been a long time coming, guys. A long time and a lot of hours posting. To everyone? Thanks for reading. To those who have been there from the start? Thanks for sticking it out (especially through some of those horrible periods – I looked back through the archives and my god was there some bad blogging…), and for those new readers? Welcome. I do hope you enjoy.