Dayne Johnston and Boh Runga.

As a creative project, I handed out a few disposable cameras to some interesting and prominent faces around New Zealand Fashion Week. Their instructions were pretty simple: “Take photos of whatever you want before/during Fashion Week. Nothing too offensive please.” What follows are some of the results:

Following on from my last one of these posts, we have Dayne Johnston – Zambesi’s super lovely and super talented menswear designer. Dayne decided to use his disposable camera backstage at his show (see photos below). Here’s what he had to say for himself:

  • What were your Highs of fashion week?: Michael Whittaker – I enjoy talking style and menswear with him; Collaborating and casting models with our casting director and producer of our show, Marissa Findlay; Collaborating with Elisabeth Findlay and working with her on the styling of the show; and working with Briar Neville, she has taken up a new role at Zambesi which encompasses sales and press, she also assisted with the styling of the show.
  • What were your Low(e)s of fashion week?: Being tired and fatigued!
  • Describe the men’s collection in two sentences or less: Sports couture. A fusion of de constructed sportswear meets tailoring.
Thanks Dayne!

Josh Skelton.

More below:

Marissa Findlay.

The back of Zach Vickers.


Models before the show (partially obscured Katie Tomlinson, Olivia Lefebre, Zach Vickers and on the right, Kendell Tobin).

Lola van Vorst being inspected by Liz Findlay.


Jasper Seven and Michael Whittaker.

Oliver Rose.

Michael Whittaker and Jasper Seven.

Emma Champtaloup and Lulu.

Lulu, Israel and Lola van Vorst.

Briar Neville.

Matt and David Kemp.

Briar's braid.

Neville and Marissa Findlay.

PS: On a related note, Zambesi is now available for purchase online - check out their store here.