My favourite piece of the show.

I wasn’t so lucky with my seating at Hailwood this afternoon – granted, second row is pretty damn good for a little ol’ blogger, but it’s not so damn good for a little ‘ol blogger who wants to take a photo. The place was pretty packed out – it was in the bigger of the two sheds, and even so, it was chock-a-block. Good, considering that a lot of the shows I’ve been to today have had relatively… how do you say… not. such. good. attendance. There! I said it! I said what no one else has said but I bet everyone has wanted to say!

Anyway! Forget that for a minute because Hailwood was full and the show was good! So good!!! People had high expectations so I’m glad Hailwood delivered. My favourite piece? The dress above. Girly with a great bold print (see below). You can’t get much better than that.

Here’s what I saw from between the two heads in front of me:

Lucky front rowers, including Jordan Rondel in her cute Ralph Lauren shirt.