Teva exits the New Zealand Fashion Week model casting on Saturday morning.


  1. Productivity levels were through the roof this week. I don’t know if it’s my huge workload at the moment or if it was due to the sample pack of Yellow Diamonds I’d been taking (-if it was the Yellow Diamonds, too bad for this week because I’ve run out), but it was amazing regardless.
  2. Productivity levels were super high this week, but hours of sleep were super low. We all know my body clock is kind of screwed up anyway and I’m a borderline insomniac, but this was ridiculous. Between three and six hours sleep every night. This is in the highs though, because while lying awake I got a whole heap of stuff done. Insomnia list making for the win!
  3. 300 Facebook page ‘likes’! 300! That’s like, more people than I actually know in real life which means there are people reading this blog that aren’t. obliged. to! Do you know how incredible that is?!!??!!! For those who have ‘liked’ it, thanks and I hope you are enjoying the ‘bonus content’ that I have been putting up on there.
  4. I spent Saturday morning at the New Zealand Fashion Week model casting. So basically I spent Saturday morning surrounded by hoards of tall, thin, beautiful people. It was self-esteem ruining, but it was fun. Photos to come later this week.
  5. These amazing Thom Browne photos. Sorry to those who follow me on twitter and have seen them already, I know I’ve said this like, three times, but the photos are so goooood. The Thom Browne stuff is so gooood.


  1. In reference to the benefits of my lack of sleeping, above, it’s also in the ‘low(e)s column because I am basically this person the walking dead. My body clock is completely ruined. I can only sleep when I’m not supposed to be sleeping. Like this afternoon, for two and a half hours. Helllooo another 4:00am bedtime.
  2. My brother is leaving the country for over a month, tomorrow morning. I’m going to have no one to hang out with. Sad face.
  3. I failed. I went to Agnes Curran yesterday and bought and ate a cake. I also ate two slices of cake during the week (but I didn’t pay for those ones). No lamingtons as yet, but still, I barely lasted a week. What a fail.
  4. This is old news, and I forgot to put it in my ‘low(e)s’ at the time, but saying farewell to Rilo Kiley. So sad. I used to be obsessed with that band. Obsessed. Jenny Lewis was my girl crush.

    And here’s my cousin, Jess, doing an acapella cover:
  5. Being disappointed.