Earlier this year in Paris, I happened to find myself backstage at the Jean* Paul Gaultier Fall 2011-2012 show. When I say ‘find myself’, I mean I snuck back there with the help of a friend. While I milled around looking like I was supposed to be there (fyi – note to budding sneak-er-in-ers, never stand still. Always look like you’re going somewhere when you’re backstage), I noticed arguably Australia’s most famous (and most beautiful – see below) male model, Andrej Pejic, getting his hair done. He was alone and unoccupied (rare for him backstage) so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to say hi and ask him for a quick interview for Isaac’s blog.

I quickly sent Isaac a text to notify him of my situation (Isaac was out front in his seat) and he immediately responded, texting me a few questions to ask Andrej. I realised I didn’t have a pen on me so, instead, I recorded the thing on my camera to transcribe later. This above is the result.

The sound quality is actually pretty terrible – you can barely hear Andrej in parts of it so you may have to crank the volume! If you still can’t hear it, I’ve typed the gist of it below for your convenience. To be honest he doesn’t say too much, but it doesn’t really matter – when you look that good, you don’t really have to.

Andrej closing the John Paul Gaultier show.

KL: How much has your life changed this year?
AP: Obviously I’m more independent now, I’m living away from home, um and yeah, I’m traveling a lot.

KL: Where are you based?
AP: Um… It’ll probably be New York. I’m moving there next month. I can’t wait.

KL:Favourite job so far?
AP: That’s hard. I’ll have to give you top 3 maybe. Definitely going to Morocco for Marc Jacobs, shooting the Gaultier campaign and um Vogue Paris I think.

KL: How do you enjoy being the most famous androgynous male model in the entire world?
AP: (Laughs.) Um, well it’s quite a specific category. Well, look. It’s a job for me, and if it means I work more then I feel great about it I think, so yeah. It’s good.

KL: How many shows have you got this week (so far)?
AP: There’s still an option… so I have this… about four or five?

KL: Are you doing New York [Fashion Week]?
AP: Yeah, I should be in New York.

KL: Awesome, we’ll be in New York too.
AP: Sweet, see you there!

Andrej before the show.

*Yeah I spelt it wrong in the video and I can’t be bothered change it and export it. Sorry.