All Images/Imogen Wilson.

You may remember a few weeks back, a post I wrote about my favourite new, new girls in town. Zoe Dunster was one of them. The best thing about Zoe (in my humble opinion) is her face. Those eyes and that mouth. She’s got the Lara Stone/Georgia Jagger/Ashley Smith gap thing going on.

These photos of her (more below) were taken by uber talented (and uber young) stylist/ex-blogger/many-other-things, Imogen Wilson. I came across them earlier in the week and loved how Zoe looked so much that I immediately got on the interwebs and arranged to take my very own photos of her. It’s happening this weekend. (Which, coincidentally, is my last weekend of freedom for a little while – come Monday, I’m working every day (and some nights) for a couple of weeks!) I’m excited about it. Keep your eyes peeled for the results!