I’d never been into Arcade before Monday afternoon. Sure, I knew it existed. I’d seen the facebook events and heard about the opening party, heard about the boys who owned it (two guys from the ARC crew – a music/creative collective of three), but I’d never actually set foot in store. It always seemed a bit irrelevant to me – skating? Not my jam. Super cool NY streetwear type brands that I’d never heard of? Intimidating! It wasn’t until actually setting foot into the store and meeting Joel and Mike – that I realised it was all in my head.

The store is set up firstly and foremost(ly) as a skate shop, focussed on decks and hardware, but for those who aren’t as adept on wheels, the store also stocks a tight range of men’s streetwear. Arcade stocks a whole host of great brands (Herschel, Moreporks, Vans, etc) and is the sole NZ distributor for aNYthing and ONLY NY.

That’s not all – the Cross Street location is also soon to be home to limited edition colab band tees, in-store performances and artwork showcases on rotation. So if you, like me, have been hesitant in visiting the Cross Street store – don’t be. It’s not just for skaters. The boys are all about community – there’s plenty for everyone and plenty more to come.

To celebrate everything that is Arcade, I snapped (and chatted to) a few of the boys’ supporters in some of the gear from the store. Check it out below:


Alyssa Hiyama.

Who: Aly Hiyama, Model/Student/Recent Russh editorial face/Girlfriend of an Arcade boy.


1. ONLY NY Uptown Wildlife Tee ($69.00), aNYthing 5-panel cap ($69.00)

1. ONLY NY Uptown Wildlife Tee ($69.00), aNYthing check 5-panel cap ($69.00)

Tell me why you love Arcade: “They stock ONLY NY. The ONLY NY ‘Uptown Wildlife’ pieces are the coolest, all the wild stuff happens uptown. Arcade has a mix of brands that blend classic and quality streetwear, the boys have done a great job creating a social space where people can buy cool clothes, hang out, and be creative as a community.”


Eden Jouavel

Who: Eden Jouavel, Student/Supervillains DJ/Skater/New face model/Music friend of the Arcade boys.


1. ONLY NY orange adirondack button-up shirt ($189.00), ONLY NY royal blue marathon crew ($159.00), Dave’s Quality Meats eastend chino ($189.00), Vans black and white Tony Trujillo 5

2. ONLY NY Riverside Parka ($590.00), ONLY NY orange adirondack button-up shirt ($189.00), Dave’s Quality Meats eastend chino ($189.00), Vans black and white Tony Trujillo ($159.00), aNYthing ‘everywhere’ 5-panel cap ($69.00)


Maddy Budd.

Who: Maddy Budd, Student/Artist/Friend of Stevie Whitt (PRIVATE JOKE! LOL!)/Long time family friend of an Arcade boy.


1. ONLY NY denim shirt ($239.00), Vans navy chukka low ($149.00), aNYthing 5-panel cap ($69.00), Herschel heritage navy backpack ($119.00)

2. ONLY NY grey Uptown Wildlife crew ($159.00), Vans Port Royal Old Skool ($129.00), Moreporks maroon cap ($85.00)

Tell me why you love Arcade: ”I got my oldskools from there. They’re awesome because they’re maroon, I wear mostly boys clothes – they’re more comfortable and cosy – and way cooler.”


Gene Jouavel

Who: Gene Jouavel, Father of Eden/Entrepreneur/Long-time ARC boys supporter and mentor

Wearing: Dr Denim Navy Donk Chinos ($169.00), ONLY NY navy adirondack button-up shirt ($189.00), Vans scarlett Tony Trujillo vans ($159.00)

Tell me why you love Arcade: ”The Arcade boys have really fresh, easy gear – you can’t find it anywhere else in the city.”

Arcade is at 22c Cross Street, Newton, Auckland and is open 7 days a week, 10:00am – 5:00pm.