Me, blogging on the bathroom floor last night.

  1. Take my laptop into the bathroom, sit on the floor and blog. Or tweet. Or even work. The bathroom floor has underfloor heating, you see. Sometimes it’s nice to go in there, shut the door and just chill out. Sometimes it’s nice to put all your clothes on the floor (to heat them), have a shower, get dried off and clothed and all toasty, and sit there with your laptop. It sounds weird, but we have a nice bathroom, okay? It’s nice in there. And more importantly, it’s really warm.
  2. Wear tights. With everything. I’m talking everything. Even under pants if you can get away with it (which I often can). You feel frumpy as hell but it’s worth it. I have a couple of pairs of 200 denier tights and they seem to do the trick. Never underestimate the warmth of a pair of tights.
  3. Double everything. Two sweaters, for instance. I am not good with coats, but two sweaters solves that problem. Two Two pairs of socks. Or tights with socks. Or even double the tights to trap the heat between the layers (if there is such thing). Double everything.
  4. If you don’t have anyone else in your bed, it can be pretty cold and hard to warm up. What I do, is get a blanket, put it UNDER the bedcovers, like under the duvet and under the top sheet (okay – side note – only crazy people don’t have top sheets. I do not understand why some people don’t have them, what is that about? So weird!). What you’ve gotta do, is wrap the blanket around you completely, tuck it in the sides and the bottom so you’re in sort of a blanket cocoon. Once you’ve got your duvet etc on top, then you’re sweet as. Warm with in minutes. I guarantee it.
PS: Yes, I am back on that schoolgirl buzz incase you were wondering:
(I’m wearing¬†that Juliette Hogan dress, a Uniqlo men’s button down oxford, a Uniqlo lambswool sweater, and a Kate Sylvester badge that I took from Isaac gave to me.)
PPS: Sorry for the lack of proper blogging, I’ve been working like a crazy person lately.