I am keeping this short because it has recently occurred to me that I write too much. I don’t know what happened because I never used to be that way, but lately it’s like I’m saying one thing but using three billion words to say it. Of course I think I’m pretty hilarious/clever/witty/interesting when I say whatever it is that I say, but that’s just me. And you guys aren’t me. And I think the attention span of most of you is not high enough to accommodate the extreme rants I have been going on. No offense intended – it’s more than fair. I can go on and on and on and literally be saying nothing.

Kind of like now.

I haven’t done a Lily Watch in a while. For those who are new(er) to the blog, Lily Donaldson is one of my favourite models of all time. Top 5 definitely. Although my obsession has subsided slightly over time, I will never get over the amazing doll-like face of hers. I’m sharing this shot from the Hugo Boss Orange Fall 2011 campaign with you because it combines the beautiful Lily ¬†with one of my other model obsessions – Jon Kortajarena. There is no explanation necessary for why I am obsessed with him. If you don’t know, you probably shouldn’t be reading this blog. Two babes in one. Score!