I don’t envy photo-bloggers. Photo-blogs are hard work. Especially the kind that consist of ‘found’ imagery. Sure, there’s less writing time involved than there is in a traditional blog, but to be a successful* found-photo-blogger, not only do you need a really great eye – you also need to have a point of difference. And to have a point of difference you need some kind of originality. And how hard is that in the age of the internet? There are only so many places one can find an image that hasn’t already been heavily circulated around the- web-already, right? Anyway, my point is I have a lot of respect for photo-bloggers. Found-photo-blogging: I couldn’t do it.

One person who can and does do it (incredibly well), is the man behind Yimmy’s Yayo. No doubt many of you already follow his blog, but for those who don’t, Yimmy’s Yayo is the ultimate – the ray of light in a ever-increasing mountain of photo-blogs. I have been subscribing to his blog for two years now, and am still consistently impressed with his skills as a curator.

I found out who Yimmy* was just over a year ago. I met him backstage at a show at Australian Fashion Week. Back then he was pretty anonymous. I’d heard a rumour from another photographer that he was the man behind the blog but no one I asked seemed to know for sure. I decided to approach him to find out. At first he denied it, but after a short chat he confirmed it for me. It was like Christmas – the best secret I’d ever been privy to. It was pretty damn exciting. I asked if I could take a photo, he declined but did let me get away with this one.

It was only a couple of months ago that Yimmy officially revealed his identity to the public. He did so in the form of this Jake Davis screen test video. Since then, I’ve been keeping an extra watchful eye on the man and the press he’s received. Yesterday I came across this interview with him for T Magazine and it was such a good read I had to share it with you. Not only does the man have a discerning eye, he also has an incredible way with words. So talented! (And such a babe!) Check it out now.

(And for those who may have missed it, check out Yimmy’s (late… but totally worth it) contribution to my ‘What guys want‘ post!)

*Assuming success is defined by the amount of followers and people who appreciate your blog.

**I say ‘Yimmy’ because I’m not sure whether I’m allowed to publish his real name. And sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of mystery in our lives, right?