Model Andrej Pejic, between shows at Paris Men's Fashion Week. Image/


  1. Milan and Paris Men’s Fashion Week shows. In particular – in Paris: Raf and Louis (I’m not on first name basis with either of those guys but I like to think they’d want me to be), and in Milan: Z (as in Z Zegna). I’m going to pre-empt and add Acne and Lanvin to the list in anticipation, but we’ll see tonight! (Lanvin is on at 11:00pm NZ time, Acne is 7:00am tomorrow morning).
  2. Writing my ‘What a Guy Wants‘ posts. Not only do they (kind of) tie in with the menswear shows, and snigger to myself at the Christina Aguilera reference in the title every time I write one – it’s actually quite fun to write about things you want your imaginary babe of a boyfriend to be wearing.
  3. I got some good questions on the photo blog this week. When I say ‘good’ I mean they required a bit of thought – especially, ‘How would you describe your personality?’ That is a challenging question to (honestly) answer when you’re one on one, let alone when you have to consider the whole world is able to read it. Ever wondered what I’m like in person? Here’s my answer - I think it’s pretty much on the money.
  4. Had a roll and a lemon tart from La Boulange – the french grocer that’s just opened its second café in The Department Store. Both were delicious. It was almost, almost like being in Paris.


  1. In this last week I was invited to six different events. I only made it to two of them. That’s a 33% hit rate which is pretty pathetic if you ask me. This was partially because of timing issues but mostly because I’ve become a full on wuss. Leaving the house is scary. People are scary, spending money is scary and the cold weather is scary. It’s safer to stay at home. Just call me hermit.
  2. Had a craving for lamingtons today. Drove all the way to Agnes Curran (granted it’s not that far, but still), left the car with hazard lights on and rushed inside to find that they had sold out. At 2:20pm. So sad. So very, very sad.
  3. Ate 85% of a tub of Kapiti triple chocolate ice cream in the space of four days. Combine this with the fact that my only meal on Thursday consisted of a bowl of Watties bake in the oven hash brown buttons: not positive. How long does one keep a diet like this before they get scurvy?
  4. Today I was kindly informed that my phone number on my email signature is missing a digit. I’ve had that email signature for literally 8 months. At least 8 months. Imagine all the phone calls I haven’t received! I can’t help thinking that I’ve missed that million dollar call. (Thanks for the head’s up Tim Lambourne.)