Top-Bottom, L-R: Country Road ribbed socks, Country Road boot socks x 2, Superior Labour socks, J Crew camp socks x 3. Images/,,

Bare ankles aren’t going to cut it anymore. As hard as it is for us Southern hemisphere dwellers to hold on, we need to let go. It’s winter already. No self respecting man is going to go out in the middle of this freezing weather without a pair of socks on. And no self respecting, pseudo-style-conscious man is going to go out in the middle of this freezing weather without a pair of decent socks on.

I know socks are generally a bit of a practical and boring thing, but it doesn’t have to be that way! I’m talking socks with a bit of oomph. A bit of pizzazz. None of this sport sock business, I’m talking socks you want people to see. Socks with a bit of colour that peek out between that pair of inevitably cuffed or cropped pants you got goin’ on. You know, just to spice things up a bit and inject a bit of creativity into your outfit.

There are a gazillion different variations on socks you can get but I say this winter, go with melange. Melange socks combine colour with a bit of texture and just that point of difference – without getting too over the top.

Suggestions? What I liked the best were the socks that Inventory Magazine had (the operative word in the sentence being ‘had‘). They had some amazing Superior Labour melange socks but as I write this, they’ve sold out. Insert sad face. But never fear, I have done more research into this – if you’re living in New York (or America), Nepenthes makes fancy pants melange socks and  J Crew have incredible ‘Camp socks’ that combine the melange knit with sports stripes around the top. If you’re located a bit further south and looking a little closer to home, Country Road has a great offering of melange boot socks, and for those who are lacking in funds (and let’s face it, who isn’t these days?) you can’t go past $3 Japan (where everything is $3.50… I know).

So on that note, go forth and buy my male friends, go forth! It’s time to spread from the stretched out white sport socks and black business gold tops. It’s time to find (and wear) your perfect marled foot and ankle covering this winter! Melange: not your average sock.


$3 Japan melange socks.