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I am pretty sure that every guy needs one (or all) of these sweaters in their wardrobe. In fact, every girl probably needs one also. Look at them, they’re perfect. They’re casual, but the cut fitted enough to be smart (ish) and the neck is a crew which totally trumps the V neck these days in my opinion. Plus they’re kind of cropped. (This might freaks guys out but I am completely over the long sweater.) All of the colours are fricken good and hello! City prints! Personally, I can’t choose my favourite. I’d like to say New York because of the fact that it’s kind of got this real American-cool-guy vibe and it’s maroon and it’s hard to find the perfect maroon sweater, but they are all amazing.

As you can see in the pictures, they’d be awesome over collared shirts for the guy who likes a little prep, and worn on their own they’d be pretty sexy in that cute boy kind of way.

The sweaters are from Acne’s Fall 2011 Collection so they’re not exactly available right now, but trust me – come September I will be trawling the internet for these things. You should too.

(Oh, and while I’m at it I may as well just say the cropped pants are also so, so good. And the shoes. Oh screw it, all three looks are totally fricken amazing.)