Today I popped into Pencil, a charming new boutique stationery store in Ponsonby (next door to Agnes Curran, it occupies the space formerly held by Parinto). The brainchild of stylist/girl-about-town/daughter-of-World-founders, Pebbles Hooper, Pencil is basically heaven for anyone who likes stationery. Seriously. The place is filled with all sorts of anything you would ever need to occupy your office or home – there’s luxury pencils, pens, paper and notebooks and cards as well as knick-knacks (potato gun, anyone?) and vintage furniture. And tonnes of unique-to-the-store items: Crayola pens sit in the cabinet, there’s a giant pencil in a school locker in the back corner, and at $2.00 a pop, the original salt water taffy is there for the trying. The place is perfect if you’re trying to find an original gift. Even if you’re not into stationery, it’s worthy visiting just to see how cute the decor is. Check it out (a gazillion more photos below):

Pencil Boutique is on the corner of Franklin and Ponsonby Roads in Auckland. It’s open 10am — 4pm Tuesday to Saturday and 12-4pm Sundays. For more enquiries, call the store on (09) 376 8538.