Sophie Doull, one of my favourite new faces. All Sophie Doull Images/via

If there’s anything I know about fashion, it’s that it’s all about the next big thing. If you’re wearing something that’s trendy now, you’re already lagging behind. Like Heidi Klum says – in fashion, “one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.” I know. Crazy.

This doesn’t just apply to the clothes we wear – it also applies to the models that present them to us. If you’re someone who knows me even the slightest bit, you’ll know I have this unhealthy, weird, extensive-yet-useless-knowledge of models. Particularly, New Zealand models. Even more particularly, relatively unknown New Zealand models. I don’t know why, but I find it really easy to retain information about them… (hmm. Creepy.) But enough of that! You see, I subscribe to a lot of sites. A lot. And I have noticed quite a few new faces popping up on the model blogs. Really, really good new faces. So without further ado, I present to you five of the (there are a lot) new girls I like:

First up, Christchurch-ian Sophie Doull (Portfolio, Red 11). 5’10″, amazing face, super cute. My favourite new girl at the moment, hands down. That is all:

Up next, Olivia Lefebre (62). Yeah, I know, I’ve blogged about her before – but seriously, that girl has got the most beautiful face ever. And freckles.

All Olivia Images/via

Harriet Carruthers (Portfolio, 62). Another girl from Christchurch. 5’9″, amazing hair. She’s not ‘new new’ but she is new to Auckland so it still counts. I’m not sure exactly what draws me to her, but I think it’s something to with her mouth. She looks a bit like Chloe Graham, and I really like Chloe Graham:

All Harriet Images/via

Zoe Dunster (62), 5’10″, big eyes, so innocent looking and can I please have those lips? Check out that middle photo below. Amazing:

All Zoe Dunster Images/via

Finally, last but not least, Daisy Lockhart (Red 11). 5’9.5″, pretty blue eyes and a freshness about her that can’t be taught:

All Daisy Lockhart Images/via

There are, of course, lots of other girls listed as ‘new faces’ that are amazing – but I wanted to post the newest of the new girls. What do you reckon? Anyone you think stands out?