Last year I wasn’t invited to Lisa Ho’s RAFW show. In fact – if I recall correctly, I’m pretty sure I asked to be invited but I received no response. This year, however, things were completely different. The PR company replied to my email in the most prompt manner, and they granted my request to come backstage! In fact, they even emailed me yesterday to make sure I was aware that I could My how things have changed!

So as you might have guessed, the knowledge that I wasn’t going to have to lurk in the corner of the room trying to go unnoticed and not get kicked out meant I was pretty happy to be walking over Art Gallery of NSW at 8:15am this morning (after another 4 hour sleep).

Backstage at the show was one of the best backstage experiences I’ve ever had. It was a pleasantly calm affair. There was no pushing between the photographers, the clothes were beautiful and so polished, everyone was in a good mood and there was plenty of natural light streaming through the floor to ceiling windows. It was the perfect environment for taking photographs.