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KRAFT Envelopes.

Posted on May 31, 2011

Attention budding creative-business types: Nothing says professional like good quality stationery. And nothing says creative like good quality, good looking stationery. These Kraft envelopes encompass both. And because I think I am both a professional (kind of ) and creative, I think it’s best I be getting some. I mean, how good would it feel to open up one of those babies, put in some (obviously very important) crisp documents, tie up the whole thing with that bit of string and deliver it to a client? How good would that be?! Imagine the look on their face! AMAZING. (I’m a nerd.) If you think you are also a bit of a creative professional and you want to add some fancy-envelope-goodness to your life, you…

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Rachel Antonoff Fall/Winter 2011.

Posted on May 30, 2011

Maybe it’s because I saw these clothes in real life at the start of the year, or perhaps it’s just the fact that everything Rachel Antonoff makes is just so damn cute, but how is it that I could want literally 80% of the items from her lookbook? Below are the favourites of my favourites. (Tights with cats on the knees?! YES PLEASE!) For the rest, see here.

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Highs and Low(e)s.

Posted on May 29, 2011

Highs: I’m kind of obsessed with The Model Burnbook‘s Cailin Hill. She is just so normal! That may seem like a stupid thing to say but how refreshing to read a blog by a model who seems just as awkward and ordinary the rest of us (except happens to be 5’9″, thin and with great bone structure). Here she is in a video for the Ford models blog: I have this really awesome memory of my whole family sitting around watching The Wonder Years. I imagine it was like 15 years ago now but I still remember it being fricken awesome. In a period of darkness yesterday, I decided to try to recreate this happy time in my life by re-watching the series from…

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Stella Maxwell likes her coffee black, has Phil Collins on her ipod.

Posted on May 28, 2011

It’s a New-Zealand-models-on-the-internet-frenzy here on the blog this weekend, with the latest being Fashionista‘s model-street-style profile on Stella Maxwell. In the short interview we learn that Stella is 20 years old, is signed with Trump, listens to Phil Collins, has had her cropped hairstyle for 2 years, likes her coffee black (but what model doesn’t, right?), and describes her style as ‘boyish’ and ‘masculine-esque’. Oh, and that she owns those low-top Docs that everyone seems to be into these days. Personally, I think Stella could be wearing a paper bag and she’d still look better than all of us. For more pics and the rest of her profile, see here.

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Posted on May 27, 2011

And while I’m on a re-posting roll, check out the latest from – they’ve shot a whole bunch of top models for an exhibition to celebrate modelling agency Viva’s launch of their new London division. The exhibition’s called ‘Untouched’ – all the models were shot with no professional hair and make-up – photographer¬†Scott Trindle says that he did not retouch any of the photos either. Incredible. And what’s more, as well as shooting the big-name girls (Natalia Vodianova, Raquel Zimmerman, Kim Noorda, etc), there’s also a three very special girls included in the mix: New Zealanders Emily Baker, Stella Maxwell and Jessica Clarke. For more, see below. For all the rest (and a cute montage video of some of the girls – in…

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