Today Isaac and I walked past this cool-looking Levi’s store. It looked to be like a normal Levi’s store, but upon further inspection, we discovered it was actually a store of re-issued Levi’s clothing. Basically, a store full of newly-made-based-on-vintage-styles-from-the-archives clothes. The designers travel around the world finding old Levi’s products and remake new things to look like them, including these incredible leather and canvas rucksacks. Super, super cool.

I bought a t-shirt and the shop assistant was kind enough to give it to me in this amazing packaging that a different t-shirt came in, because I loved it so much. Check out the pics below.

The cotton shopping bag my purchase came in.

Amazing packaging!!!

My new tee.

If you’re interested in the store and you’re in Paris, check it out at 21 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75004.