The Kenzo finale.

The Kenzo show was held in this amazing old Museum with wood and glass cabinets and wooden floors and huge high ceilings. I spent 30 minutes milling around the backstage area, not quite there (I didn’t have a pass, security was high) but not quite on the catwalk. I then spent the duration of the show sitting on the floor just behind a roped off area that contained a statue, hence why a lot of my photos are of headless (and footless) models. This kind of sucks if you want to see whole outfits or the faces of pretty boys, but it is awesome if you are into details. Some things I saw:

Kids get invited to these things?! What?!!

Guys (like me and without seats) waiting for the Kenzo show to start.

Cute bag!

Some cool asian dudes in the front row.

Can anyone say 'colour'?


Another cool asian dude in the front row - those yellow socks are my jam!

Model, James Smith, getting street-styled by some photographer.