Today I ventured into the closest McDonald’s to our hotel to get some juice. I’ve been craving juice ever since I got here, and it’s like the whole city just doesn’t drink it or something. Everything that is sort of like juice here, is highly processed ‘fruit drink’. The closest thing I’ve found to real orange juice, is ‘Santal 100% Arancia Premium’ which almost tastes like Keri orange juice. ANYWAY, the point is, I went into McDonald’s to get some juice and all they had was ‘Tropicana’ (whatever that is) or ‘Yoga Optimum’. They’d sold out of the ‘Tropicana’ (when does McDonald’s ever sell out?!) so I opted with the Yoga Optimum, which turned out to be a tiny 200ml juice box of peach nectar. (Verdict? Syrupy and too sweet and too thick in consistency but better than most of the things I’ve tried so far, so I give it a 7/10.) ANYWAY, to the other point. When I was waiting in line to purchase my Yoga Optimum, I had a glance up, and noticed that there were prawns on the menu. Prawns!!! At McDonald’s! I couldn’t pass that shizz up. So out of sheer curiosity, I purchased the ‘gamberi’:

Verdict? 5/10. They weren’t exactly good, but they weren’t horrible. They came in a box of three and were deep fried and crumbed which made up for the fact that I think they were probably not the freshest things around.

My Yogi Optimum (on the right).

Hey… So I’m blogging about McDonald’s. Not that interesting, but it’s something to write after a hard day of missing shows and not being allowed in.