Me riding the luggage trolley at the hotel in Sydney. Image/Isaac Hindin Miller


  1. Sydney! – Smiths chips, Stolen Girlfriends Club jewellery launch, Miss Chu, Simon Cordery…
  2. My new APC t-shirt – courtesy of my brother. Thanks James!
  3. Gimlets. My summer drink of choice from here on in.
  4. Lonely Hearts and NO Magazine Halloween party – it’s so much more fun when people are forced to dress up. I went as Monica Seles. It was the thinking mans costume. Typical tennis player from the front, bloodied knife wounded Monica Seles from the back. If you don’t know who she is, you need to Google her immediately.


  1. Going to bed at 1.30am and waking up at 5.00am to get to the airport for a 7.50am flight. So early! So tiring!
  2. Too many Gimlets.
  3. Fake blood has stained my skin for life. I’m serious. This stuff does not want to come off.