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This Lonely Hearts Cross Court Dress is sold out which is quite sad because I kind of want it. The tie-dye is much more subtle in real life, and although you can’t see the back of the dress, trust me – it’s cool. The fabric is soft and swishy and it just seems like the perfect thing for a summer day. The only problem I have, is the fact that I think that I may be too old to be wearing something like this. It seems like something you’d have to be super skinny and super young and beautiful to wear. Young, as in under the age of 21. Is over the age of 21 too old to be wearing something like this?

I guess the question really isn’t much of a question seeing as I can’t actually get my hands on the damn thing to try on. They have it at Area 51 in Newmarket, but only in white. What do you think? Should I take the plunge? Or should I aim for this other beautiful dress from the collection – the ‘Half Volley’ dress (image below)?

Or should I just save my non-existent income for less frivolous purchases?

So many questions, so much ranting, so little answers…