The packaging my brother designed for the Qubic GShock watch. All Images/supplied.


  1. The Casio G-Shock party last night. Three NZ designers/artists collaborated with Casio to design limited edition watches, and along with Huffer and Misery, Qubic store was one of them. I’m proud to say that my brother was the genius behind the Qubic collab. The watch is awesome and the packaging is actually amazing (more pics below). Well done James!
  2. Sunny weather forecast for this weekend! Holla at the beach! Holla at summer!
  3. ‘Gladiator’ style workout at Ludus Magnus on Symonds Street on Monday. It’s now Friday and my shoulder muscles still hurt. The workout consisted of (amongst many other things) pushing over giant tractor tyres and smacking mallets into them and crawling up a hill on hands and feet like a bear. It’s what they call ‘fun exercise’ – which okay, I’ll give them that – it was kind of fun, but I do have to say it was preetttttyyy fricken sucky at the same time.
  4. Crunchie Bar icecreams! Delicious!
  5. My “Yoko” sunglasses.


  1. Isaac got a pair of the same Dr Denim pants as me! Those cool-guy pants! Those were my thing and everyone thought I was so cool in them and now I have nothing! Noooooooooooooo!!!
  2. Parking ticket tally: two in two weeks. And counting.
  3. Upcoming birthday anxiety. Nothing like a birthday to remind you of what you haven’t achieved in life.