All Images/Stolen Girlfriends Club

While laying on my death bed earlier this week, an email popped into my inbox. In my tired, sudofed-ed-to-the-hills, snotty state, I vaguely recalled the email being some kind of lookbook for Stolen Girlfriends Club‘s ‘Heavy Petal’ collection – their high summer/resort 2010-2011 offering. But being all cold-sweat and head-achey, I didn’t look at it properly until today.


1. I am loving, loving, loving that model, Cece.

2. Also loving the fit of the ‘slum jean’. If I weren’t such a pussy, I’d totally wear the white pair. I distinctly remember telling everybody and anybody who would listen, that I would never wear white pants, but I may just have to swallow my words because these ones are awesome. The peachy pink is also such a pretty colour:

3. We all saw the roll-sleeve, football-jock-looking tops from Summer, but now it comes in dress form! Cuuuttteee. I’ll do the one in black please:

4. I never really thought I would say this about white, but hellooo I am into it. White playsuit Рyes, white shirt dress Рyes, white denim shorts Рyes:

5. If dresses could speak, this one would say to me, “bad-ass school girl who ran away from her prom”: