Another ad from the best year of all years! Gosh, doesn’t everyone look so… bright? So much energy! And everyone’s so happy in their sportswear. They’re loving it (especially the guy in the red tracksuit on the right), the kids are loving it, I’m loving it:

Not-so-accurate Scan/20th Century Fashion, by Jim Heimann and Alison A Neider.

(Apologies for the not-so-good crop in the scan. The bit underneath the logo reads ‘Benetton has all the colors in the world’.)

And in related news, I thought it would be interesting to post some images from the fall 2010 campaign from the brand to compare:


25 year’s later, the models are moodier, the colours aren’t as bright, they’ve gotten rid of the little ones and obviously the clothes have changed, but the whole ‘group-of-faces-from-different-places-and-different-races’ aesthetic is still there. (More below.)

These are just so much ‘shinier’ than that old Benetton Ad at the top of this post. The people are so… I know I said it already, but I can’t think of a better word – they’re shiny. They’re so perfect. They’re not as real looking.

As to be expected in this age of photoshop I guess.

I do love the image below, however:

See the rest of the campaign here.