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Okay, my brother and I may look alike, but no – I am not fixed-gear inclined like him. The last time I got on a bicycle was goodness knows when. I gave up on my hot pink and white two-wheeler (with Minnie Mouse bell) so long ago that I can barely remember it. I was never really big on riding anyway. You know how it goes. You get older, helmets are the epitomy of un-cool, and hobbies just fall by the wayside.

Until now.

I’ve seen a bicycle I want to ride. (Well to be honest, I don’t actually really want to ride it as much as I just want to own it and look at it and have it live in my house).

It’s the prettiest bicycle I have ever seen, and it’s made by Papillionaire, a Melbourne based company that designs Dutch-style, vintage-looking rides for anyone and everyone. There’s two styles at the moment, and you can customise them (to an extent). As much as I love the blue, I think I’d suit a classic red ‘Sommer’ one with cream wheels and a leather seat.


Check out their range here. They deliver anywhere in the world!