“Post-apocalpytic surf athleticism”. If someone said that to you, would you know what it meant? I certainly didn’t, but that wasn’t going to deter me from Stolen Girlfriends Club’s first showing at RAFW last night.

Georgia Fowler and Isaac do their best depressed faces

Olly, Isaac and I arrived at the off-site Alexandria location for the boys’ show, which turned out to be a giant warehouse. With no signs of the show starting on time, we quickly headed backstage to have a peek at what was in store for us. The mood was surprisingly calm, chilled out and generally had a good aura.

Zippora Seven

Georgia Fowler

The collection, entitled ‘Life’s a beach… Watch out for crabs!’ embodied how I envisage the SGC brand to be – hippy-chic, slightly grunge, very cool and with a definite Zara Mirkin-esque vibe (that girl is incredibly influential). Both girls and boys had feathers braided in their hair, some with wide headbands knotted around their heads. Girls had that smokey, slept-in eye makeup, and that sexy, dishevelled look that goes with it, boys had backpacks spilling sand all over the catwalk. These models wouldn’t look out of place at Woodstock, and the Tetris-on-acid, Aztec-looking print that they were wearing wouldn’t either.
The ‘Athleticism’ part of the theme was hugely evident in the rolled shoulder, cropped quarter-back shirts, headbands and rolled shorts in grey marle sweat-shirting – I got the whole ‘American footballer’ feel from it and thought those outfits looked great. However, my favourite piece of the whole collection was this girly, button-up shirt dress in white:
Finale below: