All Images/Vogue US March 2010 via

Don’t these shots just make you want to run out to Kiwi Disposals and grab yourself something, anything khaki or olive green?Who would’ve thought the Army could look so good?

American Vogue has taken hold of the whole military trend and done a whole shoot based around it, with Mario Testino capturing the whole thing (more below). I’m not really even into the whole military thing, but I love these photos. Admittedly, they’re a little cheesy, but I am down regardless. I’m especially, especially down with the one on the top left. The girls look so genuinely happy (look at Sasha’s grin! Just look at it!), and that Chlo√© linen shirt that Lily has on? Awesome.

What I love about this editorial, is the accessories. The hats, the shoes, those perfect badges with the wings on them (the name of which escapes me right now).

That Balmain jacket (above right) looks kind of like something you’d wear as a costume, but who isn’t into that?

That centre image above – I love it. 1. Because she’s got this sort of ‘caught in the moment’ expression on her face, and I love those kinds of photos, and 2. Because of that Max Mara double breasted coat.

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