Some people are just so clever.

By ‘some people’ I am referring to many people, but in this case I am referring to Taiwanese designer, Chishen Chiu – the creator of ‘FlexibleLove‘:


FlexibleLove is an ingenious design idea. It incorporates an accordion-like structure to create amazing furniture from recycled materials. The name ‘Flexible Love’ was originally derived from the idea of a ‘flexible love-seat’. For example, the FlexibleLove chair folds from a single seat, to a circular 16 seater with a simple pull at each end. Each piece in the collection can be extended out and collapsed. Imagine how convenient this would be in your home! And not only convenient, so beautiful. Form and function.

The furniture is made from recycled paper and wood waste (read: cardboard) and all the pieces are produced using pre-existing manufacturing processes, thus reducing it’s overall impact on the environment. Check this stuff out (more below), it’s amazing.

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