This issue of Lily Watch brings us old Lily, back in the March 2007 issue of Vogue Italia. I love this, I had never seen before until a few days ago, the classroom looks delightful – the periodic table and vintage beakers and the blackboard – so charming! It almost, almost makes me want to go back to school. Almost. Also, her black lips and black eyebrows look amazing. Not to mention the huge beehive/bun thing she’s got going on – it’s schoolteacher chic! (Hmm… Did I really just say that?)

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This is probably my favourite photo from the shoot (above). Look at the way she’s grasping those papers like a haughty child. So good! The whole masterpiece was shot by Emma Summerton and entitled ‘Everyday Perfection’. Everyday perfection indeed. I love it. See the rest below.

(This is my second favourite)