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Strokes guitarist/rehab patient/Agyness Deyn’s beau, Albert Hammond Jnr, has recently released his exclusive line of suits at Confederacy in LA. Hammond describes the range as “a good mix of old man, hunter, and seventies rock ‘n’ roll”. He says, “I want to make suits that I’m going to have for myself. They’re for the person who needs his one suit for a wedding. He’d rather get something like this than go to Men’s Wearhouse, pay the same amount, and look like an out-of-date parent.”

If this sounds like a bit of you, you’d better be quick as they’ve only made 44 suits in total, and you’d better be rich as they start at $2,125.00 US. Get one here.

On a slightly separate note, the shots are amazing (see below). I love them. The one above makes me want to buy one of his suits, put it on and dance in the street. I love it. I don’t know who that model is but dude, he’s got moves.

alberthammond-suits-1 alberthammond-suits-2