I have been passing this shop near my work, for weeks now. Weeks. I have still not been in even though I always say I am going to suss them out, and I still am not entirely sure what they sell, but it looks interesting from the outside. The shop is on Great North Road. At number 11. Kind of near Satya. The shop is called ‘Raven vs Pony’.

All Images/Raven vs Pony

All Images/Raven vs Pony

Raven vs Pony replaces a shop that had a sign in the window saying “Foxton Fizz”. I always wanted to go in that shop too, but never did. Anyway, the moral of that little side-story is that I should really go into shops before they close down.

ANYWAY, the REAL point of this is, that I have done a little research (‘little’ being the operative word in the sentence) and can confirm that they stock “screenprinted tees, retro sunglasses from Giant Vintage, Ugly Dolls, Sprout Dolls, Imported Jewellery, Kooky Collectables, hand-crafted modern Furniture, Cushions & Bags, Miniature Bonsai trees, and other exclusive Homeware.” Delightful! The store shots (below) look interesting anyhow – the yellow typewriter is particularly intruiging.

According to the internet (and you can always trust the internet, right guys…?) the shop is open Tuesday to Sunday 10.30am to 5pm, or by appointment. Check it out – I promise I will too.


raven-pony-3 raven-pony-4