After receiving an email notifying me that Kate Sylvester’s ‘Take a Hike’ collection was now in store, I popped onto the site to see what else I could add to my small hill of credit card debt.



Unfortunately, I discovered there are a many things that I want need from this collection. I am especially into the Sylvester stuff. The schoolboy looking shorts, shirt and socks combo is cute. (Well, it is on the model, I’m not sure how it would look on anyone under 5’9″ and over 50kg.) I love shorts so am into the rompers, and the short mens shorts (below) – why guys ever decided to wear those 3/4 length shorts is beyond me.

Anyway, I digress from what I really wanted to talk about, which wasn’t even about the clothes. It was about the campaign. My flatmate is friends with a model. A male model. His name is PC. I have met him a once or twice and only chatted briefly. I don’t really want to say much of what I’ve heard or know about him as I feel like it’s kind of an invasion of privacy, but what I can say is that he is really good value! He is a pretty charming guy. Anyway, I hadn’t seen him in much lately (model-wise), and sort of forgot he existed, but then the first thing I see when you type in, is his ‘smiling-with-the-eyes’¬†model face! He is back in the game! So I know no one really cares about this and it’s more for the benefit of a few of us that have met him, but some of the shots are after the jump. I really like his face. (I’m not positive, but I think the female model is Alina Levichkina.)

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