So I don’t even know how he knows of her, or why we had even included her name in our chat on the way to get coffee this morning, but a guy at my work wants to see Jordan Rondel in the flesh. 

“Bro, she’s HOT.” is all I could really deduce from the conversation, and now that I have informed him she is working at the new Karen Walker store, apparently that is where a clan of us are heading at lunchtime sometime this week. 

1. Get to see new Karen Walker store.
2. Maybe get to have Renkon because it’s so close.

1. I am dressed like a hobo today.
2. It IS kind of stalker-ish and creepy.

Because none of us actually know her, I’m not sure exactly what we will do once we get there (if we get there) but I’m sure it will involve loitering around the entrance to the shop with noone actually entering. At the very least, it will be something to do at during our lunch break this week.