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fashion week, here we come!

Posted on July 29, 2009

As we sit at work, typing away at our computers, the who’s who of fashion are at the Offffiiiccciiaaall Media Launch at the Westin. Just saw this on scoop: “For the second year running Air New Zealand Fashion Week will once again welcome Australian designers to its runway and there is expected to be huge interest in the first US designer label to show at Air New Zealand Fashion Week. Designers Richie Rich and Pamela Anderson are behind the MUSE label, an eco and animal friendly line of swimwear, ready to wear and shoes. MUSE will be launched at New York Fashion Week in early September and then the pair will bring the label to the runway at Air New Zealand Fashion Week on…

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the uniform project

Posted on July 2, 2009

“Sheena Matheiken has pledged to wear the same dress every day for an entire year, in order to fundraise money for the akanksha foundation…”  After seeing this in the herald, my immediate thought was ‘The same dress for a whole year?! What?!’, followed by ‘Isn’t that kind of unhygienic…?’, and finally ‘Where can I find out more about this?’ Okay, after a bit of internet stalking research, I have realised my initial reaction was completely stupid. What a GREAT IDEA! What she is doing is super clever! i love it. And i think the website looks great too. i heart the idea. i heart the website. awesome awesome awesome. Sheena and her fashion designer friend, have come up with the design for a super-versatile dress…

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