Anna Fitzpatrick’s new online venture was launched on Monday to fashionistas all over the show. Front Row Diary claims to be ”the hottest new fashion lifestyle website designed to keep you up to date with the fashion world”. I haven’t looked around the site properly yet, but it seems to be filling the void left by Runway Reporter. It’s similar in the way of content (party photos and the like), but much more aesthetically appealing. I’m not sure about the purple everywhere, but I like the design.

What I wonder is, can Front Row Diary co-exist alongside Isaac Likes, or will Anna’s well heeled foot (which is already planted firmly within the fashion industry insider’s door) step all over the self proclaimed ‘nobody from New Zealand’? Personally, I like Isaac Likes better. Hindin-Miller seems a little less shiny than Anna, a little more friendly. He writes well and updates his posts regularly. He’s just a little blogger from New Zealand doing everything on his own, and doing it well. But in saying that, I think Anna will definitely give him a run for his clicks, with boyfriend Murray Bevan (of Showroom 22) there to help her promote the shit out of FRD