I went to Stockholm to learn about H&M, here’s what that looked like.

Posted on June 24, 2016

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You know what? I got the phone call asking if I would like to go to Stockholm courtesy of H&M like, five weeks ago. I actually left for Stockholm two weeks ago. Two whole weeks. You would think being all internet and a blogger and what-not that I would’ve posted something about it on here by now but hey, do you know what? I’m technologically disabled. I’m typing on a Macbook Air that belongs to my dad. The thing doesn’t directly accept the SD card from my camera and I can’t find the USB cord so I’m basically doing this wireless transfer of images from my camera to my phone, and then email the images to myself, then downloading the bloody images to the computer and uploading them to this blog post. That’s the level of admin we’re dealing with right now, on this Friday night.

So yeah, I’ve been sitting here for ages doing that so now I’m tired and I’ve decided instead of telling the story of my trip to Sweden in actual real life words, I’m going to do it in pictures, with captions. Kind of like postcards or something. Some might call that a cop-out, but hey, it’s my blog, it’s my life, I do what I want.

That’s how it started. I got a phone call, “H&M are flying some New Zealand media and bloggers to Stockholm to visit their head office and learn about the company and you’re invited, do you want to come?” I said “yes, of course! I’ve never been to Sweden before, that sounds dope! Lock it in!” and then I asked my boss for the week off in such a way that he would feel terrible if he said no, and two weeks later I boarded a plane to Hong Kong, then transferred onto another plane to Frankfurt, and then transferred onto another plane to Stockholm, and that is where this picture story starts:

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I love this Georgia Alice lookbook

Posted on June 1, 2016


Photos/James K Lowe for Georgia Alice. 

I don’t usually like posting straight up look books because it seems kind of like a waste of internet space, you know? Like, they’re everywhere, on so many people’s blogs and sites and I know there’s limitless amounts of storage on the internet but it seems just like a waste when they’re duplicated a hundred million times over. That being said, I am about to go and contradict everything I just said and post some of my favourites from the Georgia Alice Northern Hemisphere AW16-17 collection (our Southern Hemisphere’s SS16-17 collection) because I really believe it is worth you all taking the time to look at.

I have basically all the images at my disposal and I have narrowed them down to my favourite items of clothing, ones that I really feel like I would wear in real life, or ones that I really wish I could wear in real life if I looked like Seen, the model in these pics. Please have a look, I know I am kind of biased because James took these shots and he is my brother, but I really do love them:

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Highs and Low(e)s.

Posted on May 30, 2016


Bon Iver on Saturday night.


  1. I went to Sydney on the weekend to see Bon Iver play this special retrospective show as part of the Vivid festival and it was at the Sydney Opera House and it was amazing. I took some videos with my Fuji but the audio quality is bad, there’s one on my instagram incase you want to hear it, and I guess if you follow me on snapchat you would’ve heard way better audio on there (how is that a thing? The iPhone has incredible audio quality for a phone). I don’t even really have words for the concert really but they played on this circular stage with the audience around them and I am positive hundreds of people were crying in that room, it was so good. Cool Longwinded Backstory: The last (and first) time I went to see Bon Iver was I think in 2012. I missed their show in Wellington because I’m an idiot and basically I knew I was going to New York and I would be alone but I saw they were playing so I decided I would buy 3 tickets in advance from New Zealand at like, US$50 each (the exchange rate was really good) and I thought I would just figure out who could come with me later. Anyway, it turns out the person who said they would go with me got sick, then this guy I met in New York who also said he would go ended up working late that night and really last minute I called Jenny Albright and her friend Simon and they rushed up to Radio City Music Hall to watch with me and it was really great and I remember feeling so glad I went and thinking it was one of the best shows I had ever seen, and I was really sad that they had announced they probably wouldn’t play together again forever or at least for a while, so when Volcano Choir got announced to play in at a festival Boston in 2014, Ben and I got really excited and added Boston onto our trip to New York, and then when we got there a giant storm was coming and their set got cancelled and we were so sad and fast forward to now and Sydney and ALL OUR DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE.
  2. I’m going somewhere exciting next week, a place in the world I have never been to, WATCH THIS SPACE.


  1. I have been sitting on the brink of being sick for like, a week. Constant state of feeling 70%, it is shit.
  2. The parking isn’t very good where I live. There is this parking bay that fits 6 cars comfortably, but there are no lines drawn to separate the parks and there is one dickhead in a red car that ALWAYS PARKS IN THE MIDDLE OF TWO SPACES. Basically they leave space, but not enough for a car to fit. It’s so weird, it’s always that red car, it’s like they see the two gaps free and go ‘oh, I will just go half in one, half in the other’. Idiot.

Highs and Low(e)s.

Posted on May 22, 2016


Maddy Budd. Photo/James K Lowe. 


  1. I’m going to Sydney on Friday!
  2. This profile on Vivienne Teo, on Lani’s blog. It’s really cool and interesting. Vivienne founded this event called Break Bread which you can read about here. If you are here next weekend I would really recommend getting a ticket, it looks dope.
  3. I didn’t buy lunch the whole week last week. It doesn’t sound like that big of an achievement but if you know me, you know I go out and buy something for lunch Monday – Friday and last week I didn’t! Go me! I brought it to work every day! I did end up eating 6 slices of toast on Friday, but it still counts.
  4. Already up to season 5 of Gilmore Girls, that’s how fast we’re going right now. This season I always forget about, the first 3 or 4 are the most watched for me, this season I have only seen twice (LOL) and we’re up to the bit where Logan is introduced to the show so you know, it’s really exciting.
  5. This is not really a high for me because I am not a dog lover (blasphemous, I know) but pretty much everyone I know loves dogs so I thought I should inform you that on Saturday (28th) morning you can take your dog to Victoria Park in Auckland, and someone is going to take a photo of it. I think that someone is Guy Coombes so you know it’s going to be good. The whole thing is part of an event called POP dogs and you can read more about it here.
  7. Booked a trip to Europe!


  1. Let me complain a lot about stupid stuff for a second. This is a full on over-share but HEY, it’s on brand for me so whatever. So I got my period, fuck my life I fucking hate getting my period. Then, I got like 5 pimples. ADULT ACNE IS IT? And THEN I got sick. So now I’m in the lounge, I mean I don’t have my period anymore but whatever, I still have the stupid pimples and I still have the stupid flu and when are both going to go away huh?
  2. Maddy is moving away in less than two months. :(
  3. Oi, why do kids wake up so early?

Highs and Low(e)s.

Posted on May 15, 2016



  1. Did I tell you I am now officially a full time employee with full time salary? The last time I was a full time salaried employee was in 2010. I forgot how nice it is to get a real pay cheque guaranteed on the same day every week. I have less time to go out in the middle of the day and do Nike Training Club workouts or nap, but you know, my boss is pretty nice and flexible with my hours so EVERYONE WINS! (Especially me though.)
  2. Sebastian Errazuriz’s ‘wooden wave cabinet‘.
  3. Lucy Zee’s tweets. (And her snapchat, for that matter.)
  4. For the past month or so, in anticipation of Gilmore Girls: Seasons (it’s a Gilmore Girls revival incase you weren’t aware), Ben and I have been re-watching the series from start to finish. We are up to season 4, episode 8. Each season has about 22 episodes, and each episode is approximately 45 minutes long so you can imagine how much time this is taking up. Anyway, I love it.
  5. Not much can beat getting into a bed that has fresh sheets on it, especially when it’s the first time you have change them in literally 6 weeks (gross).
  6. Went and had a skin consultation at Kiehl’s and the girl was really nice and not judge-y like I thought she might be (well, at least she didn’t openly show how horrified she was at the condition of my skin). I walked away with a bunch of samples she thinks would be right for me and since then I have been trying to be that person who cleanses, tones, serums, moisturises twice a day and then exfoliates every other day and masks every other, other day. It’s not easy when you are the kind of person who would rather spend an extra minute in bed than brush their hair in the morning but I feel like I’m an adult now and I need to do adult stuff so I’m doing it. Also, at the consult they put this thing on your face and hold it on there and then you look at it after and it shows you if you have dry or oily skin and it’s pretty freaky and you almost want to do it but without them there so they can’t see the result but you know, give it a go.
  7. I’m going to Sydney in two weeks to see Bon Iver! The first (and only) time I have seen them play was years ago at Radio City in New York, and it was weird because I knew I was going to be in NYC but I didn’t know if anyone would go with me or whatever because it was so far in advance, so I just bought 3 tickets and hoped and then on the actual night the guy that was going to go with me couldn’t go, so last minute my friend Jenny and her friend Simon came along and it was actually really amazing, one of the most amazing concerts I’ve ever been to, and then the band was all ‘this is the last time we’re going to be playing for a while’ and I felt really lucky to have gone, and then two years ago Ben and I tried to go to see Volcano Choir play at a festival in Boston and we got the train there and everything and then a storm came and they had to cancel and it was really sad and now Justin and them, they’re reunioning Bon Iver for this bloody Sydney show and I have booked flights and everything and we are going and I AM PUMPED.


  1. I got instagram ages ago, like, years ago. Ever since I got it there has been a slow decline in posting on this blog, almost to a complete halt (I talk about this so much, I’m sorry) and then like a year ago or whatever, I got snapchat. Ever since I got snapchat there has been a slow decline in instagram posting. (Especially since they started that new weird algorithm thing.) I just think to myself all the time, WHO CARESSSSSS? NO ONE CARES ABOUT THIS. Is Snapchat the new Instagram? Or is my life just that boring? Or do I just THINK my life is that boring, therefore making it boring. Or am I lazy? Probably all of the above. The other day someone said to me they felt like Instagram was now like shouting into an empty room. Food for thought.
  2. For months my laptop has been dead – it won’t turn on. For months my phone screen has been cracked from me placing it (okay, placing it firmly, face down) on a tennis court. Now my phone battery is doing that thing where it says it has 40% left and then you open an app and it just dies. Technology is failing me. That being said, I am also obviously not that bothered by it, considering I haven’t had the time or inclination to put aside the money to fix any of these things.
  3. I paid $12 to park in the Britomart carpark for 45 minutes on Tuesday and I can’t get over it.

I had a lucid dream, what does it mean?

Posted on April 29, 2016


Photo/James K Lowe.

The other night at around 12.30am, I had a lucid dream. I don’t really ever have lucid dreams, or not that I can ever remember, but this one was pretty hectic and I got woken up shortly after and because I felt so weird about it and wanted to analyse it later, I groggily noted down what happened in the notes section of my phone.

I’m not sure if anyone really is interested in hearing about my dream because I mean, it’s a dream, it wasn’t real, blah blah who cares? Either way, I hardly ever blog on here anymore so I’m just going to assume the only people who will see this are diehard fans or my parents so let’s go right ahead.

Firstly, some other weird shit happened in the dream, I was in a house, for some reason I was sneaking around and I was scared of being caught so there’s that. I don’t know why but it’s a common theme for dreams of mine (that, and being chased – terrifying) so yeah, no biggie.

The really weird part was that I was in a really high building, kind of like a motel building – you know the ones? They’ve got outdoor corridor/walkways with rooms along one side and a handrail along the other. So a building like that. It was warm, kind of how I think Singapore feels (not that I have been there). I was walking along, handrail on my left, doors to rooms on my right, and then I kind of looked down over the handrail. I was maybe 30 stories high. Then, because I was fully aware I was in a dream, I thought to myself, ‘I wonder what would happen if I jumped off this building?’, like would my mind quickly come up with something to break my fall? Would I die? Would I not be able to do it? Would I just start flying?

Anyway, I was kind of freaked out but I decided that I wanted to jump and if I died, well, it was a dream right? It was still scary but I jumped off and let me tell you, it was the most fucking terrifying, awful, stomach-dropping feeling. The last time I felt that sick was on that Tower of Terror at Disneyland California Adventure Park. It lasted forever, and it felt incredibly real, but I didn’t die. I actually almost slightly slowed down towards the end and landed like a cat and then a second later Ben woke me up, but that’s not really the point. The point is, why the fuck did I decide to jump off? What does that mean? Does it mean anything? And has anyone else had a lucid dream because HOW FREAKY ARE THEY? Any insights welcome.

The end. Happy Friday.