Tennis gears I saw and loved

Posted on November 25, 2015


Kind of crappy screenshots of Tory Sport gear/ 

I don’t know if you know, but of all the sports in the world I only really have interest in one, and that is tennis. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, I played it as a kid so I guess it’s like anything – if you know the basics it’s easy to like a sport because you’re not absolutely shit at it. Secondly, it’s non contact, you don’t have to touch anyone whatsoever and the likelihood of getting hurt by another person is low. Thirdly, it’s not a team sport (unless you play doubles) so you don’t have that stress of everyone being mad at you if you fuck something up.

Finally, tennis gears are dope.

A while back, my friend Anna Lee posted a picture of some tennis gear from Tory Sport and I got really obsessed and went on the website and started screenshotting all the tennis pieces I thought were cool. Then I went onto the Lacoste website and did the same thing. I had intended to write this blog post back then but I don’t know, life happened. I have no excuses.

Basically what I’m trying to say is some of these looks may be kind of old but I still love them anyway and I still think tennis is a really great sport and hey, if they are from Northern Hemisphere summer then maybe they’ll be on sale? (Silver lining ‘n that.)

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Late night thoughts.

Posted on November 17, 2015


Bill Cunningham riding off into the sunset at NYFW in 2011. Photo/Me.

So it’s 11:27pm on Monday night and I spent the last hour and a bit writing a post about the phrase ‘skinny-shaming’ and how people think it’s equal to ‘fat-shaming’ when in my opinion it isn’t really, and then while I was writing it Ben was looking over my shoulder picking it apart (Ben has been ‘skinny-shamed’ his whole life) and then we got in this argument and then I started crying because I was so frustrated so now I have started a whole new blog post because I feel like now maybe I can’t post the other one, but now I’m not sure what I’m going to write about.

I mean, it’s rare these days that I would feel like posting about anything, so it seems like a good opportunity to I don’t know, just talk shit for a bit.

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Highs and Low(e)s.

Posted on November 8, 2015


Madeleine Gurton. Photo/Greg Lewis.


  1. This basketball game. Watch ’til the end.
  2. Two weeks ’til we move into our new house! YAY! We will have a deck for this summer and everything.
  3. I am really enjoying watching season 2 of The Affair in the way that I think it’s a well made show, but holy hell part of me wants to put this in my Low(e)s because it is so depressing. There’s no light in the show. It feels like nothing good ever happens. I kind of hate all the characters now. Is anyone with me?
  4. The weather (in Auckland) this weekend, absolute winner.
  5. Had this really delicious thin noodle (vermicelli?) prawn, broccoli, edamame salad thing from Catroux on the weekend. I’m not usually super into salads because I’m so weird about heaps of food (beetroot, tomatoes, olives… I’m that person) but this was DOPE.
  6. Omg, Adnan Syed may actually get out of jail after all!


  1. NOPE.
  2. Two people I know have gone vegetarian (and probably will go vegan) after watching Cowspiracy. This is actually pretty great for the environment and the human race but the small and selfish part of me is like, wait guys, so we can’t go to Spicy House after tennis anymore? On a related note, I’m now too scared to watch the film because I might have to become a vegan if  I do.

I have 24 full days to figure out how to do 25 full push-ups.

Posted on November 7, 2015


My Nike Training Schedule for the rest of the month. 

I have 24 full days to figure out how to do 25 full push-ups.

Simple enough.

I mentioned this last week briefly, but if you didn’t see it I will recap: I am one week into a four-week Nike training programme put together by New Zealand fitness extraordinaire’s Kirsty Godso and Lydia O’Donnell. The programme was built based around some fitness goals I want to achieve and you know, my actual ability. If I’m being completely honest, my usual strategy with this kind of thing is to really play down my fitness level, give myself the easiest goals possible so I know that I can achieve them with least effort possible, post lots of instagrams of me in some Nike gear so people think I’m doing mad workouts (whether I am or not – SUP ESSENA O’NEILL), and look like a winner by the end of it when I’ve nailed the challenges I’ve been given.

This time is slightly different.

This time I am trying not to be a lil bitch and really give myself something to work to. Hence the 25 push-ups – no stopping, on my toes with perfect form. In addition to these I need to also figure out how to do 8 full tricep push-ups, and in addition to that I’ve got a weekly minutes challenge – a minimum number of minutes of NTC workouts a week. In order to achieve these goals I need to do some two a day workouts. Like a real fitness person. I’ve also decided no posting workout selfies unless I’ve done completed the workouts. (Yes, trust me, I know how bad that sounds.)

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Highs and Low(e)s.

Posted on November 1, 2015


Madison (Clyne) on location for a shoot James and I (and a bunch of other great people) did for the upcoming issue of Remix. 


  1. This should’ve gone in last week’s Highs and Low(e)s but I didn’t do it because you know, long weekend. Anyway, you will already have seen the dance video for Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ and hello, New Zealanders doing great things, hellooooo. Those girls are bloody talented. If you haven’t seen The Royal Family’s World of Dance Los Angeles performance from a couple of months ago you really need to. Absolutely incredible. Also, if that’s not enough, here’s the close up.
  2. This is the only Selena Gomez song you need to listen to off her new album. Truss me daddi.
  3. Confession: I did not wake up at 4:45am to watch the rugby. Still glad we won though.
  4. Fargo season 2! The Affair season 3! (The Affair is good but I forgot how fucking depressing it is at the same time.)
  5. Zola told a bloody good story.
  6. Last Monday I stayed the night at The Oyster Inn and had a really nice time, recommend it if you are an Aucklander looking for a semi-staycation (or a non-Aucklander looking for a kinda fancy night away).
  7. This Monday I’m supposed to be starting a 4 week Nike training programme put together by none other than the formidable Kirsty Godso and running extraordinare Lydia O’Donnell. Last week I went in for my consultation and to put down some fitness goals I want to achieve in a month’s time. Usually my strategy with things like this is to give myself the easiest goals possible so that I know I can achieve them with little effort, take a couple of instagrams of me in some dope Nike outfit and look like a winner, but Kirsty and Lydia are scary and basically were like ‘stop being a pussy’ it looks like I’m going to have to put in mad effort this month. Real effort. I mean, I heard the phrase ‘two a days’ (as in two workouts a day, apparently that’s a thing). There’s a press up challenge so whilst I’m scared, I’m motivated by competition so I’m also kind of pumped. (Pun intended.) More on this soon.
  8. Spent pretty much all day sleeping/on my phone in bed.


  1. Spent pretty much all day sleeping/on my phone in bed.
  2. In China we climbed this hill to find a grave (long story) and we had to go through this cutty grass and shrub. Anyway, during this experience I was wearing sandals and I got fuccckkked up by fire ants. I thought it was weird I felt stinging, but then I realised they were eating my ankles alive. That was over two weeks ago and they’re STILL ITCHY. How mental is that? The bites are like, hard lumps with this weird whitehead looking thing on the top. I know it’s really gross to tell you this but I’m keepin’ it real.
  3. How can I complain when there’s a fire wiping out 5km of Indonesia and kids in my own country are going to school without lunch? My life is bloody great, I need to stop being a little b*tch sometimes.

Summer dressing

Posted on October 22, 2015


Urban Precinct Cricket Jumper, RRP $49.99 and Zip-Thru Skirt, RRP $59.99, available at Farmers

You know how last season I was approached by Farmers and presented with the challenge of creating winter outfits I would wear, using their clothes and mine? No? Well it happened, and I can’t believe you don’t remember because Farmers thought I did such a good job that they asked me to do the same thing this season to help celebrate and promote the fact that you can shop online there now. Go Farmers! Go me! Anyway, as you can tell, I said yes and here we are.

With New Zealand summer just around the corner (35 days exactly!) I thought it apt to showcase a bit of beach-y, swim-y stuff this time around. I am a big fan of a summer. I have been known to own 20 bikinis at one time. The pool love is real.

That being said, there’s no way I was going to strip off at the beach and do a swimwear/resortwear style shoot with my BROTHER of all people, so I enlisted the help of the beautiful Asena at 62 Models. We trekked down to Herne Bay and got some cool shots. This is a pretty different style shoot for us, and I’m really happy with the results, check it out (and the outfits!) below:

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