The Bonnie set is my favourite from the Lonely ‘Hirschy’ collection

Posted on September 29, 2014


Photos/Rene Vaile for Lonely

While I was away I got this email about the new Lonely lingerie collection and how it was going into stores. I had seen bits of it but didn’t really properly look through the look book because, you know, I was in New York and living it up and pretending my emails didn’t exist. Now that I’m back and I’m going through everything, I’ve seen that I made a mistake by immediately flagging the email to read later. I should’ve gotten onto this straight away because the collection is so cute and if I had been a bit quicker I would’ve been able to post the lookbook first. OH WELL. If you would like to see it all, I suggest you check out Lani’s post.

My favourite set from ‘Hirschy’ SS14-15, is the ‘Bonnie‘. It’s this beautiful wavy lace and I can just see some really chic French girl in it, lazing on her bed, scrumpled white linen sheets on a Sunday afternoon, eating a croissant and reading some really tumblr-like book – Lolita or On The Road or something – maybe smoking a cigarette but I don’t really condone smoking so I take that back.

The Bonnie bra comes in both soft cup and underwire, I don’t think I have a preference, they’re both beautiful:

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Highs and Low(e)s

Posted on September 28, 2014


Fragment Design x Nike Tennis Classic SP. Image/via Hypebeast


  1. This fricken video, I have watched it 11 times since it first came into my life yesterday and I don’t think I will ever stop.
  2. Reading, not on the internet. I started reading this book on the plane a couple of weeks ago and at first it was really hard to concentrate because it was long form reading which I haven’t done in ages because #internet, but now I’m back in the zone and HOW GOOD IS IT TO READ A BOOK?!
  3. Speaking of internet reading, this is good.
  4. I haven’t really been keeping up with the shows, but I did see Jil Sander and I love itttttt.
  5. The gluten-free, flourless chocolate cake from The Caker. Not new but I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before and it really needs to be shared. If you live in Auckland and you ever need a delicious chocolate cake, get it! I am eating one right now. It’s more ‘torte’ in texture than your average cake but I reckon that makes it better.
  6. The above Fragment Design x Nike Tennis Classics. I bought a pair on my trip. Highly recommend.


  1. I’ve been back in Auckland just over a week and it’s like my holiday was months ago.
  2. That weird zone you get into when you run out of things to look at on the internet and you’re in this weird cycle of checking your twitter, your instagram, your emails, your facebook, over and over again but for no reason other than you’re bored, but then you’re obviously not bored enough to go and do something productive so you just sit there, internet spiralling.
  3. Websites with landing pages.

I got the iphone 6 today

Posted on September 26, 2014


A little Fujifilm Instax documentation of this morning’s iPhone6 mission. 

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to 1.) be one of the first to receive the latest iPhone, and 2.) do so at no expense to you in return for talking about what I think about it. I pretty much have no qualms about this because I been an apple fan since forever (it’s really hard to write that in the way it should sound, but hopefully you kind of get it) and ever since I fell over running and scraped up my iPhone 5, I have been waiting for the 6 to come out.

So, with that out of the way, I am going to tell you what I did today. Today I woke up at 5:30am in order to get down to Spark on Queen Street by 6:30am, where my ‘monkey-with-hands-covering-face’ emoji was holding my place (4th) in the iPhone 6 queue (see here for a better explanation). I went through the process of receiving my iPhone and also signing up to a cheaper plan to what I’m on, this one that is open term and $79/month for unlimited calls and texts and 2.5gb of internet if you’re a stalker and are wondering what my phone usage is like. That kind of sounds like I was told I had to mention iPhone plans but I actually didn’t, I’m just weird.

Also, it turns out with my plan I get like 1gb of wifi data a day at data hotspots around the city. I haven’t entirely figured out what this entails exactly but I feel like it means that I can sit around one of 1000 phone boxes in Auckland City every day streaming episodes of Hart of Dixie and Dance Moms. I also get a free Spotify Premium account. I actually had one already but I was paying for it so now that it’s free/included I can keep that $12.99/month I’m saving for a year and spend that $155.88 on the ultimate of luxuries and my new obsession: a deep fryer. (Not joking. Want to make this.)

Happy Friday guys.

The Uniform feat. Renee

Posted on September 24, 2014


Reneé (Clyne). All Photos/James K Lowe.

The first time we took pictures of Reneé was back in early March, 2013. That was actually the first time Reneé had had her picture taken at all (in a modelling capacity, obviously), that’s how new she was. A year and a half later it’s crazy to see how far she’s come. At NZFW just gone, she booked 16 shows – not bad at all.  So anyway, it seemed fitting we include her as part of this series of some of our favourite girls in Levi’s 501s, a tee (best plain off white tee comes from AS Colour), and Vans.

We went to this little outdoor gym type area in Cornwall Park. It was muddy and kind of cold and the jeans were a couple sizes too big, but you know, Reneé worked it. She even went on the monkey bars for us. It’s actually not surprising because she’s one of the easiest models I’ve ever dealt with. I remember back for that dungaree shoot I was worried she would be awkward and shy because it was her first shoot and there were a bunch of other models she didn’t know, but she is so friendly and personable that I would say she was the chattiest there. Also, she does the whole ‘skater boy’ look well. It’s a hard look to pull off but I think it suits her. Check her out:

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This is where I’ve been, part one

Posted on September 20, 2014


So you may or may not have noticed that I have been on a little holiday – meant in the sense that I have been away from both New Zealand and this blog. I had great intentions before I left. I was going to post a photo or two every day and talk about what I’d done. But then, you know, turns out I was doing too much to have time to talk about what I was doing.

But now I’m back so it’s back to it.

Before you go and click the ‘read more’, I should warn you that I took a tonne of snaps and there is going to be a lot of scrolling involved, so if you give zero fucks about what I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks, please skip this post. (By the way, I call them ‘snaps’ because the photos are more documentation than works of art. Keep that in mind!) SPOILER ALERT: Most of the pictures are of Ben or food. Also, all the photos (aside from the above) are in chronological order:

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