Winter dressing

Posted on March 6, 2015


Saskia at 62 Models. Photos/James K Lowe

I was recently approached by Farmers to see if I could find new winter product within their stores that I would incorporate into my wardrobe. I’m not going to lie, when I first heard Farmers I was skeptical – mostly because I am pretty fussy about clothes and I will be the first to admit that I can be kind of a snob when it comes to brands (which is ridiculous because it is rarely, if ever, that I can afford to purchase designer gears), but it is not every day that I am presented with a challenge like this, and I think it’s an interesting project.

So, I went into my local branch, the Newmarket store. I first beelined to one of the best reasons to shop at Farmers – the Ambra brand stand in the underwear section. For a good 9 months I have been shopping from this section and that is basically because they make this range of fully fashioned lycra crop tops/bras and matching underwear in various styles and colours. Now that I think about it, I think it might actually be a range of teenage training bras (LOL) but who cares because they are DOPE. The bras are super comfortable to wear and one of my friends wears hers as a top so there’s that.

Anyway, I’m kind of getting off track so more on this at a later date.

The point is, I took on the challenge and I went into Farmers with my little gift card and I bought a bunch of stuf that I liked, mixed it with a bunch of stuff that I own already and made some outfits that I would wear in real life. I put these outfits on this great half Dutch, half Maori girl named Saskia from 62 Models. I would’ve put them on myself but she looks a thousand times better in the outfits than I do and I’ve given up personal style blogging. James and I teamed up again and took some pictures and here are the results. I think I did a pretty good job, I would wear all of this:

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Highs and Low(e)s.

Posted on March 2, 2015

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

This is blurry but I love it. 


  1. Had three swims over the weekend, THIS IS THE NEVER ENDING SUMMER! :)
  2. Me and James’ Sparklab exhibition.
  3. This isn’t new but it’s fuckin hilarious, I don’t usually find this shit that funny but I can’t watch it without holding in the lols.
  4. DRAKE! BEST. SHOW. EVER. Well, definitely top three for me. I have never seen such a pumped crowd in Auckland. There has been a lot of discussion on my various forms of social media about how great the show was and how sad it is that it’s over. I will leave you with a few highlights: this, this and OMG THIS.


  1. Being in a car where someone is driving and texting and fearing for your life.
  2. Ever since I started looking up those Drake instagram videos all I can think of is Drake so I have to stop writing now.

Ilk presents cool girls

Posted on February 28, 2015

ILK-LonelyHearts_Chlita_Gabriella-KatherineLowe Gabriella and Ch’lita in Lonely Hearts. Photo/Katherine Lowe aka me. (All image credits below.) 

For the past 6 weeks or so, my brother James and I have been working on putting together a bunch of images for an exhibition that was part of Spark Lab’s ‘Fashion Month’. When we were first asked to be involved, the brief was quite open – all we needed to do was exhibit. We decided to choose five New Zealand brands that we like (Georgia Alice, Karen Walker, Lonely Hearts, Penny Sage and twenty-seven names) and create one or two photos for each of the brands, using pieces from their respective Autumn/Winter collections (which are currently going into/already in stores now).

I like working with James. This is probably not a shock to anyone because we are siblings and we spend a lot of time together, but in a work capacity, we seem to be able to find this rhythm where we know what each other likes or doesn’t like, and when to push the other person, critique what each other is doing without it falling on deaf ears and without the other person being offended, and mostly how to get what we want and not hate each other whilst doing so. I don’t know that many good friends I know that I could do that with. James said he heard Yvonne Todd use the phrase ‘lazy perfectionists’ in a talk once - describing the idea of getting the most of something with the least amount of effort. She was referring to being a large format photographer and the long, slow processes involved, but I think that’s a really good way to describe how James and I work all the time.

So that’s what we’ve been doing for the last little while. It has been pretty busy and a lot of hours have been put in and on Thursday night it all came to a head – we presented the 8 photos* to a few people at our Spark Lab event and we called it ‘Ilk presents Cool Girls’. (For those who keep asking – Ilk is a word that means ‘family, class or kind’ and because James and I are family, didn’t want to use our names and because we both shot and directed various photos (as opposed to just James shooting and just me directing, etc – the credits for each individual photo are below each image) – that’s why we used it.)

Before you go ahead and scroll down I want to thank some people who have donated valuable time and resources to our project. These people are very important to us and without them we would not have been able to produce what we have.

So, a huge thanks to:

  • Paige Best who is an incredibly talented and easy to work with make-up artist who always seems to ‘get’ James and I and is able to decipher our terrible briefs;
  • Abbie Gardner for her great work on Moira’s portrait;
  • The team at Kingsize Studios for allowing us to use their spaces and extensive range of equipment;
  • John at The Digital Darkroom for being endlessly supportive of James and I for the last 10 years (at least) and saying ‘I’ll do it’ immediately when I asked if he could help us with the printing of the images (if you didn’t get to see them in real life, you’re really missing out) and Georgia at The Digital Darkroom for doing the actual printing grunt work;
  • Our beautiful models Ch’lita, Gabriella, Katie Braatvedt, Marie, Becky and Moira at Clyne Model Management for giving up half a day each to be prodded and bossed around by James and I;
  • All the wonderful people Georgia AliceKaren WalkerLonely HeartsPenny Sage and twenty-seven names for getting behind us and for coming to support our event (especially Rachel who flew up from Wellington!);
  • Joseph and the team at Six Barrel Soda for keeping our punters hydrated in a delicious way and for being so enthusiastic about our project;
  • Murray and Anny at Showroom 22 for being fucking onto it and 100% backing James and I when it counted (you guys know);
  • Spark Lab for having us;
  • Ben and Ella for endless support always and enduring sitting in the corner for hours of shoot time.

Fuck, the music would definitely have started playing by now. Last one: the biggest thanks also to everyone who came along! Photos from the event will be on my Facebook Page soon.

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Highs and Low(e)s.

Posted on February 22, 2015 tommy ton street-style nyfw fw15

Image/Tommy Ton for


  1. This is not exactly new but it is new-ish to me, and I am seriously considering buying one.
  2. Today I saw Drake at the restaurant I was at and he was wearing his own merchandise which I think is a great PR move but also kind of hilarious at the same time AND THE CONCERT IS TOMORROW!
  3. Eating dinner after 8:30pm. I mean, it pushes your bedtime to after midnight but it’s way easier to get a table at a restaurant, you can cook at a leisurely pace, and you have time to do things in the after work sun.
  4. Got invited to the first wedding I am legitimately super excited to be attending. (No offence to the others I have been to.)
  5. The prawn po-boy from the new menu at Welcome Eatery. Highly recommend.


  1. Chutney. Not my jam. (Lol. No but seriously, it is not good, why do people like it?)
  2. Have been feeling average and nauseous the last few days (NOT PREGNANT), is it a stomach bug? If so, will I be okay by the time Drake comes on tomorrow?
  3. Bad spelling.

I got a real job.

Posted on February 20, 2015

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Me, paddling off into the ocean. Somewhat relevant to this post, somewhat not. 

PSA: I’ve got a real job. (Well, I mean, does 30 hours a week count as a ‘real job’? Probably not to a lot of people.)

It’s funny, I haven’t worked in an office with set hours for such a long time. My first ‘real’ full-time job was at a digital agency and I was a Junior Designer. I think that was my official title. I was the print girl in a room full of online people. (I can’t remember if I’ve written about this before, if I have I apologise and you’re allowed to skip to the end.) Social media wasn’t really a thing then. I got told to get an RSS Reader and start subscribing to blogs and blog on the company blog. I never did. I wasn’t really sure of the point (lol). I remember in the first month I was so tired. the 8:30am starts and overtime were not what I was used to. I did it for a pretty long time. Years.

I was still working there in March of 2009 when I started writing this blog. By the end of 2010, a few things had happened. I had broken up with my long-term live-in boyfriend, started doing a 4 day week in order for me to accommodate the blog which was becoming more demanding, and then I got made redundant. I remember sitting in this little room and looking at my boss (who I actually owe a lot of my success to) and just knowing it was me that was going to get the cut. He offered me a contract role and immediately after told me that he thought I shouldn’t take it, that I had other things to do, things he could tell I liked more. I took his advice and that was the start of my freelance life.

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Highs and Low(e)s

Posted on February 16, 2015


Lacoste FW15. Images/


  1. The bloody Lacoste FW15 collection. I mean, I’m not quite sold on the tracksuits but the long-sleeve polos and pleated skirts are my fuckin’ jam.
  2. This 1000 tees for 1000 women initiative by The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.
  3. $7 pizzas (if you buy a drink) at Molten Wine Bar on a Monday. Did it tonight. Had one of those Bianco pizzas which basically means it has no tomato base (this is good because I don’t like tomatoes). Added pancetta. It was dope. I can vouch for it.


  1. Driving in peak hour traffic. I haven’t had to do it at all, really, in the last couple of years (the perks of working for yourself and doing your own hours) but recently I have experienced the 8:00am and 5:30pm end on end cars and now I truly understand road rage.
  2. When my mom asks me if I have done my Highs and Low(e)s yet and it’s Monday and it’s 6:45pm and I haven’t.
  3. People who voluntarily come to dinner, drinks, whatever and are really sulky or off-handish and shitty and don’t make an effort at all. Why are you here?! Just stay at home! There’s nothing wrong with staying at home if you’re in a bad mood! I mean, I get having a bad day, but there’s no need to make everyone feel bad.
  4. #Tags4Likes. Have a sip of water mate.

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