The new fitspo me.

Posted on October 6, 2015


When I was like, 12 years old I used to wear this Russell Athletic hoodie around the place all the time. I thought I was really bloody cool. Firstly, the thing was a HOODIE, secondly it had that real American Collegiate style lettering on the front. It’s one of the few things I wore as a child and don’t feel embarrassed about.

So with that in mind, when Russell Athletic asked me if they could send me a bunch of gym gear in celebration of the drop of their latest performance collection, ‘Matrix’, I said ‘yeah boi’ (ever the professional), and because I am now a fitness person (or at least I try to look like one) I told them I would try out all the pieces over a week. And that brings us to here.

In the last 7 days I have attempted a bunch of fitness and documented it, a sort of ‘week in the fitness life of K Lowe’ or whatever you like to call it. Side note: Do you know how much admin it is to do that? Firstly, getting out of bed to do the actual exercises, secondly, dragging James out every time I did them. (Thanks James.) Anyway, it all worked out in the end. I’m tired, but I also feel great because I can tell people how good I am at fitness and I have PHOTOS TO PROVE IT!

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Highs and Low(e)s.

Posted on October 4, 2015

unnamed (1)

Avery Tharp for G.Kero. Photo/Alice Moitié. 

Look, I know I didn’t post one of these last week, but that’s in the past so let’s all forgive and forget and move on. Today’s edition of Highs and Low(e)s covers the past two weeks. It’s the bumper edition.


  1. I know I will be unpopular for saying this, but man, I am all good with Justin Bieber ay. I mean, I didn’t go and try and get a ticket to his private show here or anything (I mean, I would’ve gone had someone given me a ticket but there’s no way I was going to run around the city trying to find Bieber stickers), but I like some of his songs and I also feel bad for him. People rip on that guy so hard, I feel sympathetic. Of course he does some stupid shit, who doesn’t? Not sure where I am going with this… Moving on…
  2. Spring cleaning. There’s nothing like the feeling of ‘lightness’ that one gets from throwing out junk. I moved house on the weekend (back home, temporarily, long story) and in the process I think I threw out maybe 8 bags of old clothes, recycled countless amounts of paper and cardboard packaging. It felt good. I mean, physically it felt horrible because I had dust allergies the entire time but emotionally it felt fantastic. I have been recommended this book, ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by two people (Ben, and another guy named Ben who, as an aside, is running the New York Marathon to fundraise money for The Brain Tumor Foundation so if you want to sponsor him you can do so here), neither of whom have actually read it (LOL) but I went to the website and read about it and I bought it so WATCH OUT WORLD HERE COMES THE NEW, SUPER TIDY ME.
  3. My friend Theo works at Workshop and she asked me to tell people about the fact that Workshop is running a giveaway of an Alexander Wang bag this month (of your choice) so if you are an Alexander Wang fan, now you know. Details here.
  4. The Dior flower mountain!!! Also, really liked the collection.
  5. While we’re on collections I have liked this fashion month, HELLO GUCCI! So much bloody detail, incredible.
  6. This cool interesting article about Karl Sandberg aka Max Martin, who – incase you don’t know – is a songwriting genius, having written/co-written/co-produced 21 number one Billboard hits to date (Backstreet Boys’ – ‘ I Want It That Way’, Britney Spears’ – ‘…Baby One More Time’, and Katy Perry’s – ‘Teenage Dream’ for example).
  7. I’m going to Asia on Friday!


  1. Moving house. What a huge amount of admin.
  2. I don’t understand the models carrying dolls Rick Owens thing. Someone please explain?
  3. The US – NZ exchange rate right now.
  4. I made a doctor’s appointment for 9.30am yesterday morning, and when I got there the power was out so their computer system was down. I checked in and waited in the waiting room for an entire hour before saying something (yeah, okay, that’s my fault) and it turned out when the computer system came back on it said I’d already been seen so basically I’d been forgotten about. Also, I only even got up to say something because my doctor came into the waiting room and got another lady who came in after me. Not sure what the moral of this story is but it sucked.

Highs and Low(e)s

Posted on September 21, 2015


Pressure 2015 by Gavin Hurley. Photo/via Melanie Roger Gallery


  1. So I’m moving house this coming weekend and every day for the last week I have been staring at my things and regretting purchases, worrying about money, getting annoyed at myself for owning so much stuff and basically thinking about how I should really start becoming one of those people who has less things, but better quality things. Anyway, all of this has culminated in me pulling out all the clothes I don’t wear anymore and trying out different ways of selling them (Trademe, Designer Wardrobe, Facebook, Tatty’s, Recycle Boutique) and I’ve come to the following conclusions – a.) Trademe has too many question-askers for impatient people like me. If you want it, buy it. If you don’t, don’t. b.) There’s something about the 50% commission that Tatty’s and Recycle Boutique take, that makes you feel a bit angry. That being said, Recycle Boutique deposits funds from sales straight into your bank account so that’s pretty convenient. c.) Designer Wardrobe, whilst having a Facebook Group with lots of annoying people in it, now has a website the best upload experience I’ve had to date. Very simple and easy and fast. Also they just launched this bloody ‘Designer Valet’ service where basically you order a courier bag, they send it to your house and you fill it with your clothes and they pick it up (free of charge!) and they photograph and upload all your shit onto the website and sell it on your behalf. They take 30% and deposit the rest (minus $4.95 shipping) into your bank account. Not bad at all.
  2. This crack-up text I got from a random number.
  3. The Cure Kids All Blacks supporters song is actually all good.


  1. Got a flat tyre.
  2. Had a couple of injections in preparation for my trip to China (if you’re kind of weird/you like injections and you want to see videos of it, see here and here). More than 24 hours later I still have dead arms. I hate shots.
  3. Adult acne.
  4. House hunting.

These are my favourite pieces from Karen Walker’s SS16 ‘Star City’ Collection

Posted on September 15, 2015

CYN_4717SonnyPhotosKarenWalker (900x1350)

Karen Walker ‘Star City’ SS16. Images/Supplied.

Guys, I just got sent all the images from Karen Walker‘s SS16 collection that she showed at New York Fashion Week this morning (NZ time). You may have seen these already but I have decided to share with you my favourite pieces from the range because I am in the mood to post for once in my life:

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Highs and Low(e)s.

Posted on September 14, 2015


Me for RUBY. Photo/James K Lowe.


  1. This great article about self-promotion.
  2. This great video of Craig David (THROWBACKKKK!) singing a remix of Fill Me In.
  3. Less than a month ’til I’m in Asia for the FIRST TIME EVER. If you have any Hong Kong or Guangzhou pro tips, please let me know!
  4. Throwing out/selling/giving away things you don’t want/use/need anymore. It’s so therapeutic.
  5. James and I did an interview a few weeks ago with Sonia Sly at Radio New Zealand, and it aired on Sunday. As I write this I haven’t actually heard it so maybe it’s a bit presumptuous to be posting it in the ‘Highs’ of the week already, but I don’t remember saying anything particularly stupid so that’s a high in itself. Read/listen here. UPDATE: Okay I just listened to it and yeah it’s been cut a certain way but OMG I AM SUCH A HATER LOL. 


  1. When you order pants and they don’t fit because your legs are too big. Not to be mistaken with ordering pants that don’t fit because they’re a size too small because they fit in the waist, but when your LEGS ARE TOO BIG. Why did I ever do tap dancing as a child? Why are my calf muscles so big? Whhhyyyyyyy? *cry*
  2. This isn’t really my low, but Maddy got food poisoning and was throwing up literally every hour last night. I woke up at 3am to hear her power-chucking. Poor Maddy.
  3. House hunting.