Posted on April 18, 2015


Nike Tech Tight. Photo/

Guys! I made two notable achievements this week. Firstly, I did two workouts in one day which is absolutely insane. I ran 4.5km without stopping yesterday and that is something that I have never done before in my entire life. HOORAY!

All the working out is creating a lot of washing. Partly because of that and mostly because I was so proud of myself for doing so much exercise last week, I decided to treat myself to some workout gear. Rebel Sport is having this sale so basically I went online and bought a bunch of new shit, including Nike Pro 3″ shorts (which I have now just discovered are even cheaper than when I purchased them three days ago, god DAMNIT) – 3 inches is the length of the shorts, as you can probably work out. That’s bloody short, but I have this whole vision of me being real fitspo and wearing them so maybe I’ll have a sudden surge of confidence, who knows?

Anyway, in related news, the Nike Tech running tights (pictured above) are on sale right now and I can tell you now, they are the only Nike tights that I have found that fit an iPhone 6 in them (first world problems, I know), so if that’s what you’re looking for and you are in NZ, you should cop.

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Winter dressing: Indoors edition

Posted on April 14, 2015

Saskia (62 Models). Photos/James K Lowe, Instax/Me. 

Like a month ago I wrote this post about how Farmers had given me this challenge to incorporate clothing product from their department store, into my wardrobe. I put together a bunch of outfits using their stuff and mine – outfits I would genuinely wear outdoors, out of the house, IRL. This is the second half of that post, where I put together outfits I would genuinely wear inside the house, lounging around on an Autumn afternoon type thing. If you read the last post, you may remember me talking about how I was obsessed with Ambra‘s line of what I think are training bras. Whatever they are, they are dope and I swear to you now I wear some kind of Ambra undergarment at least twice a week. The comfort level is V HIGH. Perfect for lazing around in, inside (or outside if you’re brave) these cooler months. Also, relatively inexpensive, great for every day wear.

Anyway, I have incorporated some of the crop tops below. For continuity, James and I decided to use the lovely Saskia from 62 Models again, but this time to mix it up, I took a few shots on Instax to keep life interesting. And for those creeps out there who are wondering – yes, we shot it in my bedroom. That is what my bedroom looks like:

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Highs and Low(e)s.

Posted on April 12, 2015


Molly Bair. Photo via/


  1. This is a kind of weird thing for me to mention but a few weeks ago I got sent this Garnier ‘Micellar Cleansing Water’ which to me just sounded like some kind of fad product, like what the hell is cleansing water anyway? Anyway, I opened it last week and tried it out and it is dope, I mean, I’m not sure exactly what it’s supposed to do but it removes makeup really easily, you can even get your eye makeup off with it, it kind of just dissolves all the cosmetics on your face really easily with like a couple of swipes of a cotton pad thing. It says it cleanses and soothes, and I guess it does but I still like to use a cleanser afterwards anyway but I don’t think you would have to and it would be all good. Anyway, for lazy people like me, it is a really great product. (I’m pretty sure it is just like Bioderma Crealine if you’re familiar with that.)
  2. This. I don’t know if it should be called a ‘High’ because it’s incredibly frustrating, but it is also incredibly addictive, so if you click the link, prepare to be wasting several minutes on this game.
  3. I mentioned this yesterday in my NTC fitness diary post, but I get the feeling people are mad (jealous, lol) that I’m doing all this exercise to improve my fitness levels and just be a better ME or whatever, so they’re skim reading. Anyway, if you skim read I am just letting you know that you should listen to this podcast, Invisibilia. I’ve only heard one episode but I am hooked. If you like psychology and the human mind and theories on the way we think and all that kind of stuff, you will love this.
  4. Rediscovering banoffee pie. (Also wishing I hadn’t while I’m trying to be all fitspo ‘n’ that.)
  5. The juice bar at Ponsonby Food Court. For starters, it’s open at night and I have always wondered why there are no juice bars that open at night (I really love juice), and secondly, it’s prices have gone up but it’s still only $8.00 for a large (I guess it’s like, 700ml but I actually have no idea) freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice.


  1. When you’re in a group chat/text message conversation and you’re kind of busy but it seems like everyone else in the chat isn’t busy so they’re just sending mad messages end on end on end on end and the notifications are popping up on your phone and you’re like WHO CARES GUYS SHUSH FOR A SECOND! This actually pretty much only applies to group text convos because you can mute group chat convos but you know what I mean.
  2. Someone I know told me her sibling had spent a year trying to find a job (out of Uni) to no avail. This person is a fully qualified lawyer and most people from their class have been employed. The person in question has what could be described as an ‘ethnic’ name – not easily spelled by your average English-speaker. It was suggested that their lack of jobs offers (or even interviews) was partially due to this. As much as I wanted to disagree, I would not be surprised at all if that was the case. How fucking sad is that? UGH.


Posted on April 11, 2015

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What can one conclude after 21 days of minimum 5 ‘sessions’ of exercise per week? You get stronger and you get hungrier. I can now proclaim with confidence, that I could do 15 full press ups in one set, if one were required to.  I can also tell you now, that I have no idea how people who exercise go without eating carbs because fitness (mostly running, I find) makes you HUNGRY A.F. Speaking of running, I got 3km without stopping on my Wednesday run (the last 2km I did the run-walk-run-walk thing I was talking about last week).

This is actually really, really great for me. I am going to partially attribute that achievement to practise (practice? practise? I never know) – obvious, but I am also going to partially attribute the achievement to Invisibilia, a really great podcast that Lani put me on, about the ‘intangible forces that shape human behaviour – things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions, fears. It’s very captivating, incredibly interesting and even though I’m only half way through episode one, I get a weird feeling it’s going to change how I think about things. I forget whether I’ve talked about this or not, but I got given the pro-tip of listening to a podcast whilst running (as opposed to music) two years ago by a guy who is a very good runner, and it was the best running tip I’ve ever received. I highly recommend to those out there who are having running struggles. If you’ve got a good, engaging podcast to listen to it creates a really amazing distraction from the fact that your legs hurt and you can’t breathe, you know? Invisibilia - look it up.

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Highs and Low(e)s

Posted on April 6, 2015

Ju Xiao-wen for Moussy Jeans SS15 Campaign.


  1. Just watched this little web series called $1 Reserve set in Auckland about the connections we make with strangers through TradeMe transactions which was kinda cool.
  3. Four day weekends! Summer still hanging on by a thread!
  4. Cleared my emails from 117 unread (or ‘to deal with’) to 26 unread which is actually incredible for me. I mean, I basically had to delete a bunch because they got sent to me too long ago to actually reply but whatever, it still counts and I feel so much lighter.
  5. Even though I hate the idea of leaving daylight savings and winding the clock back, this is the only time of the year that I can wake up when I am supposed to, without feeling like absolute shit.
  6. The NZ dollar is almost equal to the Australian dollar which means two things: when I go early next month I won’t come back to a surprise huge amount on my credit card statement, and I CAN BUY STUFF WITH LESS GUILT!
  7. THIS SKIRT!!!!


  1.  When someone drinks out of your water bottle and then you don’t feel like you can drink out of it anymore.


Posted on April 4, 2015

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Me after a 5.29km run – not actually that far but boy did it feel like a marathon. 

So it’s the end of week two of my six weeks of ‘fitspo’ and I know you don’t really get physical results after two weeks but WHEN DO YOU? Lol. I mean, I feel good because I’m all smug when I’m in my workout gear and I’m walking around with my bottle of water all ‘I’m just going for a run, guys’, and my muscles are hurting which means things are happening, but in typical Generation Y fashion, I want things and I want them now and I don’t want to have to work for them.

But everyone knows life doesn’t work like that, so back to the grind. There are some great things that happened this week: Firstly, I’m pretty much sticking to my training schedule that I’ve been given* (below). (Well, I’m at least doing some kind of exercise on at least all the days it says to do something.) Secondly, today I ran 2.5km without stopping. This may not seem like much but I have this really bad tendency to run like, one kilometre and then walk 15 metres, then run another kilometre and walk another 20 metres – fast, slow, fast, slow, fast, slow – the whole way, so today when I got to 2.5km before doing a 10 metre walk, I was mad stoked.

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