An ode to Grey Marle

Posted on January 22, 2015


Photos/The Internet. Sorry, I found them on Tumblr like some asshole who doesn’t credit images. 

I have boring taste in clothes. I’m not sure even if that sentence is gramatically correct but I’m hoping you get the idea. I’m lying on my bed as I write this, and to the right the doors of my wardrobe are splayed open and there is a sea of off white (because I find it hard to keep anything super clean it all goes that shade), various shades of blue (mostly navy), and grey marle. This post is an ode to the latter.

Grey Marle isn’t anything new. We’re not talking ground-breaking here, we’re talking classic. Especially when it comes to the tee. As a shade synonymous (in my mind) with ‘stay at home trackpants’, I have mostly avoided anything grey marle that isn’t worn on the top half. I haven’t yet figured out how to wear grey marle in a way that doesn’t look super casual, but I never really dress up anyway so it doesn’t bother me.

Anyway, my point is that I have scoured the internet and I have found two really great grey marle tees that I think you should own if you are looking for one. I can honestly vouch for both because a.) I own like three of the AS Colour grey marle paper tees, and b.) I have tried on the Acne one twice and loved it both times:

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Highs and Low(e)s.

Posted on January 18, 2015


Today, struggling with the heat. 


  1. I struggle with American Apparel right, because I kind of hate their advertisements and I think the stuff is overpriced. That being said, they make this white (it comes in other colours too), pleated tennis skirt and I am so about that pleated skirt life. See, I know you’re going to click the link and see the awful imagery and be like ‘that shit is yuck’, but hear me out. White is great but probably a little difficult to wear, but NAVY man, navy is easy – think navy pleated skirt, tucked in tee or whatever, some kind of loose crew neck knitted navy sweater, loafers, maybe even like a navy wool/felt brimmed hat. SICK. And if you struggle with American Apparel too, there’s also this dope (but way more expensive) A.P.C pleated skirt… Not sure why I’m putting this in my highs and low(e)s and not as a blog post on its own but hey, let’s roll with it.
  2. While I’m on the topic of navy and putting clothes into my highs and low(e)s, why not talk about a how I found a PLAIN NAVY ONE PIECE IN A GREAT SIMPLE SHAPE WITH NO FREAKY ADD-ONS!
  3. This beautiful house that I (along with most people, I imagine) can’t afford to rent.
  4. I know I complained about the heat on instagram today but it actually is the best.
  5. James and I are doing this little private exhibition thing in February in the Seafarers building as part of the Spark Lab ‘Fashion Month’ which is pretty cool (well, I hope it will be) and as long as we don’t kill each other in the process of creating the actual images, we’re hoping to be able to give away a few little James K Lowe 1/1 works. I would direct you to the RSVP section of the Seafarers website, but I think they’re at capacity, so instead please email me if you really want to come because I’ve got a couple of spaces at the door to give away.
  6. Whiplash.


  1. This. I’m not even going to start, I don’t think I need to.

Highs and Low(e)s

Posted on January 12, 2015



  1. The bloody tennis of course.
  2. Can’t beat the weather we’ve had over the last couple of weeks. Two thumbs up.
  3. Ella fuckin nailed her Golden Globes outfit. The fit on that suit was perfect.
  4. On Thursday night I went to Spiegelworld’s ‘Empire’ show. If you haven’t heard of it, the website is here. Basically it’s like a sort of lower budget version of Cirque du Soleil with more nudity and ‘adult’ jokes. Very entertaining. It goes ’til Feb 15th. Take your mom. (As long as your mom is okay with publicly naked penises.)
  5. Not going on your computer for a week. So nice.
  6. Has anyone else been watching Transparent? What a great tv show.
  7. OOB Peppermint Chip ice-cream.
  8. I PAID OFF MY CREDIT CARD IN FULL! I have had that thing in debt for literally like 3 years, DO YOU KNOW THE KIND OF WEIGHT THAT IS ON ONES SHOULDERS?! WOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


  1. Lol I completely forgot to write this post yesterday, I literally just remembered just now that I hadn’t done it. Apologies to that person who messaged me about it and I promised it would be up on Sunday.
  2. Never knowing whether shops/restaurants/etc are open or still closed for the holiday.
  3. Went back to Barre class after 3 and a bit weeks off, and holy shit, how hard is it to exercise after a break? When I started I could do 5 full press ups. When I stopped for Christmas break I could do 20. Today I could only manage 6 full press ups. Sad face.
  4. Sunburn for the first time in like, 4 years. On my right butt cheek of all places.

Where I eat: Cafés edition.

Posted on January 6, 2015


This is a beef pot pie and orange, lemon juice I got from Welcome Eatery last month. 

I got a Tumblr message the other day asking where I eat in Auckland city because they were coming to visit. There are a lot of really great food guides around the place – Metro’s Top 50 restaurants, best cafés and cheap eats lists are pretty fantastic and cover off almost everything – but the choice can be kind of overwhelming, and anyway, they asked about where I like to eat, so here we go. A list of cafés I go to eat (currently – I feel like there’s a new eatery popping up in Auckland every week so this is just where I eat regularly, currently.) I would have done a list of all the places but I think this is going to be way easier to digest (lol) if the posts are shorter and categorised so here’s the cafés alongside good and bad (sorry Maddy, sorry Ben) iPhone photos I took whilst at some of them:

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This is my last post for 2014

Posted on December 31, 2014

Me yesterday, not that this has anything to do with New Year’s.

So here’s the thing. It’s 5:54pm on the 31st of December and I’m typing this post on my iPhone in the car. We’re in kind of a rush, we’re off to a New Year’s dinner/drinks thing and the whole day I’ve thought I’d have time to prep food and have a shower and a nap and get this blog post out before we had to leave. I was wrong. Also, the charger to my laptop is dead so I haven’t been able to use it for a week. I hope this whole phone post thing will work because I’ve never done it before and I am basically doing some stream of consciousness type shit right now.

I’ve been taking weird notes on my phone for a few days, trying to think of what to talk about when discussing New Year’s Eve. For some strange reason I have “Maypole” written down – it doesn’t really relate to the turn of the year but I just remember how great it was to swing around on one of those things. Incredibly freeing. I don’t know if they exist anymore, the one in my intermediate school was taken out, presumably because they’re too dangerous. Generally speaking I kind of hate New Year’s Eve. There’s too much pressure and the night is never as good as everyone is making it out to be. It used to stress me out quite a lot – “What are you doing for New Year’s?” was a phrase I hated, but now I’m old and I guess I got too tired of worrying about it, being anxious of whether other people would think my plans were cool or not.

One year, a few years ago, I remember I spent New Year’s Eve in my bed, my then-boyfriend asleep next to me. He wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to do anything anyway. It hit 11.45pm and I remember opening the blinds to look for fireworks outside. I felt pretty sad at the time, the relationship was falling apart, I was in this stupid bed, lying there, staring at the ceiling and it wasn’t even midnight. We broke up 2 months later.

Funnily enough, I broke up with my boyfriend prior to that one a few days before New Year’s Eve, two years earlier. Maybe that’s why I’ve got ill feeling towards the holiday. That was kind of a strange situation. The breakup itself was quite amicable. After 4.5 years the whole thing had run its course and we were both sad, but relieved. Several months earlier we had RSVP’d yes to his friend’s wedding on the 2nd of January somewhere near Wellington so we decided to just not tell anyone about the breakup and fake it until after the wedding. I remember sitting at our table during the reception, listening to the speeches, the reality of the breakup hitting me and tears pouring down my face. One guy made a comment to my boyfriend, something like “girls at weddings ay, always crying”. The actual New Year’s Eve was one of my best, though, surprisingly. I had finally gotten to the point where I was getting along with my exes friends, enough so that I felt comfortable and happy to be there. We had drinks and good chats and there was no drama.

I don’t even know why I’m telling you all this, but it’s coming to an end because I am at the point where I’m so nauseous from typing and reading in the car that I’m probably going to throw up.

On that note, hope you have a good one, I’ll see you on the flip side (aka 2015).

Great gifts from people who are good at gifts

Posted on December 22, 2014


Anna-lise and her Schwinn bike from a previous Christmas. All Images/Supplied.

Anna-lise Sharma immediately came to mind when thinking of people who are good at gift-giving. As well as being the girlfriend of my boyfriend’s brother Tom (just read it slowly, it makes sense), she is the Brand Manager at RUBY and the face of TRESemmé’s 365 Project, so – as you can imagine – she is very well-organised, beautiful and has great taste. She is one of those people who always looks ‘together’. (How does one become one of those people? It’s a mystery.) Anyway, it’s late on Monday the 22nd of December, which is almost panic Christmas shopping time for a lot of people out there. Hopefully this will help!:

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