A Serious Podcast with a Silly Name

Posted on November 14, 2016


When my good friend Lani told me (she never asked, lol) that I was going to be her first guest (aka trial interviewee) on her new podcast she was doing with Ben I was kind of hesitant. I mean, I never told her this at the time but I am wary of in-person, on-phone, ‘live’ type interviews because I get nervous, I kind of hate the sound of my voice, I don’t think I’m very good at censoring myself (will panic if put on the spot), and I’m not as articulate as I could be if given the chance to edit my answers. Also, you may not know this but Lani has a Journalism degree and she’s worked as reporter for Radio New Zealand - INTIMIDATING.

On top of that, I knew she was going to ask me about my background and my race, and as much as it probably seems like I love talking about that stuff, I am also really aware that the last time I did that quite publicly, I got a bunch of hate mail so it almost sometimes feels like it’s not worth it.

But hey, like I said – she told me I was doing it, and she’s almost a foot taller than me, so I did. (Jokes.)

The podcast is called Snacks and Chats. I’m pretty sure the name was made up on the spot in our interview – you can read more about it here but basically Lani is the interviewer, Ben is the producer and when they record the podcast there is chatting and eating of snacks. This first series of interviews is based on Lani’s ‘I thought I recognised her’ blog posts. Like I said – read more about it here.

Last night I asked Lani what she loved most about podcasts, her immediate answer was “Stories - learning shit, and hearing people tell interesting and engaging stories. Sometimes they are comforting – I like to be made to consider/think about things in ways I may not have.”

So there you have it. Snacks and Chats podcast went live today, you can listen to it here and for the next few Mondays. (I can’t promise my interview will blow your mind but there are some other interviewees in the coming weeks that will!)

Happy listening, guys. 

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some kids came to my door on halloween and it got me thinking

Posted on November 1, 2016


Yesterday was Halloween and we had three sets of trick-or-treaters come to our house. The first guy lucked out. He arrived with his witchy-dressed mother, tiny plastic pumpkin-shaped bucket in tow, and he caught us off guard. He could see me right through the front window. Ben answered the door, knowing full well we have no trick-or-treat friendly foods in the house. Awkward conversation ensued, I scrambled around the house and the only thing I could find that could pass as a Halloween treat was an intact 250g block of Whittaker’s 72% Dark Ghana dark chocolate that I had planned to make a chocolate brownie with, so I handed him that with a nod and a “sorry, we’re a shit flat” to his mother. She looked at me with disdain. After that I closed the curtains and took refuge upstairs. The last two sets of ghouls walked away empty-handed. Whether they toilet papered my front gate or not I did not know as I was stranded on the landing in the dark. It was my own fault – I should’ve thought ahead, living in a somewhat upper-middle-class, family-friendly area where children are bound to have adopted this American tradition, and having a boyfriend with a son in the trick-or-treating age bracket.

So how is this all relevant?

Sitting there, hiding from a bunch of tweens covered in facepaint and alone with my thoughts, a question popped into my mind: “Am I anti-children?”

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A non-story about a thing that happened a long time ago.

Posted on October 17, 2016


Photo/Jamie Hawkesworth.

For over a month and a half I have been ignoring this blog and pretending it doesn’t exist. This has been made especially easy as I don’t have a laptop at the moment (and haven’t for months) and I went to Europe on holiday and then I’ve been busy at work so at times I’ve forgotten that I even had a blog in the first place. The long stints of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ have been interspersed with occasional periods of feeling guilty and like a lazy piece of shit every time it gets mentioned or if someone asks me about it. The whole experience is akin to the feeling you get when you’ve got a pile of washing or you know you have to go to the dentist and the thing needs doing and you know it will be really great if you just do it but also you’re like, nah if I put the washing in my boyfriend’s kids room and shut the door I can’t see it and then I don’t have to put any effort into thinking about it. Like I said, out of sight really is out of mind.

So why am I here, now?

Two things happened. Well, three. The first was that I thought of a thing I wanted to write about, a kind of stupid thing I remembered that happened ages ago that I always thought was a weird thing that people might like to hear about, and then the second thing was that I was getting dressed after having a spa in the changing rooms of the Next Generation Lifestyle Club or whatever they call it, and this girl comes up to me and says “are you KatherineIsAwesome?” and immediately I felt so bad like, fuck, for starters I’m not wearing any makeup at all and I have a giant ‘period pimple’ (or at least that’s what Lani called it) on my chest and I’m standing here in a bra, and then there’s the fact that this person knows my blog exists and I haven’t put shit up there, I am really the worst, zit-covered, laziest blogger of all time. Today was the final straw. About 7 minutes before I started this post, a thing popped up in my Facebook feed, and it was about how Maddy Budd had posted a blog post and then I was like, jesus christ, if Maddy can get her act together and do a million other things in New York, I surely am the absolute, absolute worst.

So now here I am, it’s 4.29pm and I’m at my real job using my work computer and I’m going to just tell you about the thing that happened ages ago that I just remembered. I mean, the story is kind of a non-story but hey, take from it what you will.

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james took some photos for twenty-seven names and here they are

Posted on August 29, 2016


All Images/James K Lowe for twenty-seven names.

James took some photos for twenty-seven names for their NZFW exhibition and I really love them so I have decided to post them. They are some of James’ best work, in my opinion. Very beautiful. They were up at the Allpress Gallery on Drake Street for a couple of days but they are gone now (cool story). They were sitting alongside a blurb about the whole thing which I also really love and have reproduced here:

“Last year we dreamed big, inviting Emma Watson, Beyoncé and Helen Clark to our dinner party. We still haven’t heard back from them yet, maybe their RSVPs got lost in  the post, maybe their calendars were a bit tight…? This year, we decided to look closer to home for a higher hit rate. It’s not always about the stars of your favourite Netflix show, or the movers and shakers, or the people winning those gold medals. More often, we’re inspired by our friends, our sisters, our team, our mothers. We took the twenty-seven names team on a road trip with James K. Lowe, and these photographs are the result. Against the ever-inspiring backdrops of Te Henga (Bethells Beach) and Woodhill forest, we see that even in the same clothes we are all individuals. Each of us brings our own stories and our own beauty to the mix: the hair we hated as a teenager, the freckles we tried to wash off. Why couldn’t we have pencil thin eyebrows like everyone else? Whatever it was that made us different, we wanted to change it. But our mums were right, dammit! That difference is where the beauty lies. Maybe loving these things about ourselves is something that comes with age (like a taste for early nights and a plush dressing gown) but maybe it shouldn’t have to. If we can see ourselves in the photographs, in the clothes, we can see that perfection isn’t a prerequisite to beauty. Your eye might jump to that thing you hate to see reflected in a photograph, but what happens when you look for a little longer? And what would happen if, instead of asking “How do I look?” we asked “What will I do today?”

See the other shots below.

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Highs and Low(e)s.

Posted on August 14, 2016

James K Lowe

Not sure who this girl is but James took this photo a while ago. Photo/James K Lowe.


  1. The Olympics.
  2. Very soon Ben and I are off on a holiday and it is really exciting because it has been a while since I went on a holiday and I have been saving and yeah, I’m going to have no money at all when I get back but hey, I could die soon so seize the day and all that. We’re going to London to see some friends and to Copenhagen and to this little island in Greece that has no wheeled vehicles (you walk, water taxi or take a donkey ride! Also, while on the topic of Greece, is it just me or am I literally the last person to go to Greece? It’s like every single person has gone there this European Summer), and then we are going to Paris. I haven’t been back to Paris since whenever I last posted a blog post about Paris (2012? I don’t know) and mate, I am excited. We are doing this trip in a short period of time but we don’t have that many plans so please, if you have a MUST SEE or MUST DO that you don’t think I would’ve heard of already yet, tell me! Email me!
  3. Get some prawns. Raw. Get them, and put them in a bag of flour. Take them out, shake them off and put them in a frying pan with a bit of butter and HELLO THIS IS WHAT I WILL BE EATING FOR THE NEXT MONTH. DELICIOUS.
  4. Oi, 3.5 months until Gilmore Girls is back.
  5. This is kind of random but because I am going to sunny Europe I have been stocking up on sunscreen and stuff and I thought I would tell you the best face sunscreen I have come by so far is by Ultraceuticals. This sounds like an ad but it’s not. The stuff rubs in without that weird white glow you get sometimes with other sunscreens and it’s not too greasy and it comes in SPF 50, or SPF 30. It’s kind of expensive, but it lasts for quite a long time. I also like this one by Dr Jart but I don’t think you can get that in NZ so yeah, if you are on the hunt for a high quality sunscreen for your face that isn’t going to f up your skin or not rub in, look up Ultraceuticals.


  1. I used to be able to write whatever on here because it didn’t matter because no one read this blog and now people still don’t really read this blog but I’m way more weary about offending someone or writing something that comes across a way it shouldn’t and now this blog isn’t really funny anymore.
  2. I feel like I don’t really do anything anymore, like I’m stuck in the grind – work, save for holiday, work, exercise, eat, sleep. I don’t actually feel too sad about it, but it’s weird. I go on instagram and think ‘wow, I ain’t got shit I want to post on here’, like nothing new to say, or at least nothing new I want to share with strangers. Is this the end? Have I come full circle? I remember being on that blog grind with Isaac when getting content was number one and you’d bloody do all these things just so you had something to say. I mean, I did ‘What I Wore Today’ posts every day for like a year! I was so keen to be all out there like LOOK AT ME GUYS, LOOK AT MY LIFE, LOOK AT WHO I’M WITH and now I’m like, in my bed on Sunday and I’m old and I just want to have lunch with my friends in peace. Full circle.
  3. The hunt for the perfect summer sandal. Halp!
  4. Everyone keeps asking me when I’m going to get married or saying ‘when you have kids’ and I never know how to respond so I’m always like ‘haha’ or do a weird, awkward laugh and they’re like ‘nah, but you’re running out of time’ in this kind of jovial manner to tone down the obvious seriousness they feel about the lack of time I have. It’s so awkward, it happens to me so often these days. What if I don’t get married or have kids? Does that make me a bad person? A bad woman? What if I don’t even want to? Then what?
  5. I am a whiny old lady.

Areez Katki Winter 2016

Posted on July 27, 2016


Brooke (Clyne) in Areez Katki knit dress. Photo/James K Lowe.

A recent trip to the Miss Crabb store on Ponsonby Road lead me to discover Areez Katki‘s new range of knits for Winter 2016. If you have not come across the collection and you like unique, high quality, designed and made in New Zealand pieces - all the fibres used in Areez’s Winter 2016 collection are made from a selection of Organic Heritage Merino yarns, and are sourced (grown, batch-dyed & spun) in Hawkes Bay – you really need to check it out.

The pieces that immediately caught my attention was the aran-knit crew-neck sweater (I know, I gravitate to the same things in the same colours, I’m a creature of habit okay?) that also comes in an amazing oatmeal, and the above, super soft, wide rib dress that I’m pretty sure I’m too old to pull off, but would if I could.

Anyway, I liked the stuff so much I decided that I would wrangle a couple of new faces from work (I work at Clyne, did you know that? I don’t know if I told you or not) and have James shoot them in a couple of pieces. I’m super happy with the results, see below.


Brooke in Areez Katki cardigan and John Patrick Organics slip. 

a1607_Clyne0227    a1607_Clyne1182

Zoe (Clyne) in Areez Katki top and Penny Sage coat. 



Brooke in Areez Katki sweater and Nike tennis skirt.

a1607_Clyne0793 a1607_Clyne0964

Zoe in Areez Katki top and Levi’s jeans.


All Areez Katki knitwear is available in-store at Miss Crabb (41 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby Auckland, New Zealand).

Photography: James K Lowe
Styling: Katherine Lowe
Models: Brooke and Zoe from Clyne

Thanks to Kingsize Studios.